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winter prepping for bug out bag get home bag 72 hour kit
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper cold weather is here whether we like it
or not so it’s a great time to go over
prepping supplies whether it’s your get
home bag
your bug out bag or just your emergency survival prepping supply stockpile that you have in your home
here are some ideas for emergency lights
emergency heat emergency shelters and even a few little
tips and tricks on how you might be able
to prepare your food
in a power outage one way to stay warm
in an emergency
is to make a car heater you don’t
necessarily have to use them in the car
that’s just the way I’ve heard them
called most of my life
you need a large empty can
and a roll of toilet paper that will fit
inside your can
next you need a bottle of rubbing alcohol to use your emergency heater in an emergency
you pour the alcohol and saturate the
toilet paper
and then you light it and it the emergency car heater can can keep you extra nice and warm
these diy emergency alcohol heaters are great if you’re out hunting camping ice fishing
and stranded in your car in an emergency
just remember it’s an
open flame so handle it carefully if
you’re in your car
crack a window so that you don’t get
carbon monoxide poisoning
include a piece of aluminum foil so you
have a way to make a cover the emergency car heater
to put the fire out another way to make
a little diy portable heater
is to take an empty can
and put a few candles in it and light
them and then your diy can heater will radiate some heat to help keep you warm in an emergency
some people also use this portable emergency heater diy with a terracotta clay pot
to help make a little diy emergency heater
indoor heater have an
assortment of flashlights and make sure
that you get extra batteries
that go with the flashlights that you
have you can have everything from usb
rechargeable flashlights little
keychain flashlights big flashlights that you could even use for personal protection
if you had it in your car and headlamps
are really great
you can strap it on your head point it
in the direction that you want have light
and then you can have your hands free to
do any tasks that you need
make sure there’s a flashlight for
everyone in your household
that you have some flashlights in your car scattered around your home have flashlights
in your bug out bag and just remember
the best flashlight
is just like the best knife it’s the one
that you have at the time that you’re
able to use there are battery operated emergency lights they
come with a tab and you pull the tab when you want to
activate the light you can use a magnet
or you can use a hook and you can turn
these lights on when you’re ready
I keep the emergency lights with the tab in place so
that the battery doesn’t run down before
I use it there’s also the emergency battery operated lights that I
like to put inside dark closets and places in my
home the emergency battery operated lights that look like a light switch
some of the lights switch up and down and some of the lights have
the dimmer that you can turn a knob
they work really great you can
fasten them with a nail you could put
velcro on them or they are also magnetic
and these are nice and handy emergency battery operated lights to scatter
around your home
to have in dark rooms I’ve even used these battery lights in my jeep
in the winter time because it doesn’t
have a dome light and you can place
one of the battery lights in the trunk of your car if you don’t have a light there already
look for battery operated lanterns some
of them are even usb
rechargeable and even solar lanterns there’s a wide variety of emergency lights that
you can have on hand in your bug out bag with your get home bag emergency gear 72 hour kit
and in your home for all of the reasons
that you might need a little bit of
extra light in an emergency
oil lamps are a great way to have a lot
of light in a power outage if you’re
camping or in an off-grid situation lamp oil
doesn’t expire if you keep it in the original container
you keep lamp oil sealed up tightly
it should last indefinitely how much
lamp oil should you store for emergencies
if you used your oil lantern for
four hours every day you could use about
quart of lamp oil would last a month so that’s a good way to determine how much extra
lamp oil you would want to have
with your emergeny prepping supplies power outage kit
oil lamps give a better brighter more consistent light than a candle
but remember there’s still an open flame with an oil lamp
and you need to treat them with respect
I use a lot of oil lamps when I’m out at
my Granny Camp my Alaska off grid cabin
and I have several oil lanterns put away
with my emergency gear and I also like to use oil lamps
occasionally just because the lantern light is very
pleasant I made a video on how to trim your wick on an oil lam[
to get the most light out of an oil lamp
I’ll put a link to that video in case
you want to learn more about how to trim
the wick of an oil lamp to get the most light from an oil lamp
oil lamp my favorite oil lantern of all
is the Aladdin oil lamp lantern it’s quite expensive but the aladdin oil lamp lantern
does a beautiful job of lighting an
entire room the Aladdin oil lamp lantern
can also provide heat the Aladdin
lantern lamp was the perfect solution when we lost power for several
days it provided light for the entire room
and gave us enough heat that we were
comfortable to remain in our home
during a power outage emergency remember to include
matches and lighters so that you can
light your oil lamps
candles are a cheap and easy way to add
light in an emergency
you can put emergency candle kits
together store some candles with some
matches in a jar you can make a lantern with a jar
you can find little lanterns and candle
even at a place like the Dollar Tree store prepping gear from the Dollar Tree you
can find 80 hour candles longest lasting burning candles
the very large candles which are sometimes called religious candles
that will burn for up to 80
hours and all kinds of candles in
between from
long tapered candles votive candles and
even look for some of the battery
operated candles battery candles give you the look of a candle but
they’re safer because you don’t have an
open flame
some of the battery candles that I found
at the Dollar Tree store have been very
good for emergency lights power outage off grid load shedding lights out
they’re nice and bright and there’s no
of starting a fire with a battery candle so they’re safe to use around children and pets
make sure you include matches and
lighters with your candles
so that you’re able to light them when
you need them glow sticks are a great
way to add some emergency light
you can pick them up inexpensively at
somewhere like the Dollar Tree store prepping supplies from Dollar Tree
you can even get big long glow sticks but
remember these are more like toys if you want glow sticks in a real emergency
situation that can burn for maybe 12 hours you
want to get a high quality emergency type glow stick how do glow
sticks work well they have two chemicals in them you can see there’s a
capsule in the middle you snap the glow stick to break the capsule
and then you shake it it combines the
two ingredients in the glow stick
which allow it to start to glow glow
sticks are great because there’s no risk
of starting a fire you can leave one in the bathroom to
light it up in the dark glow sticks they’re great to take camping they’re
safe to use in the car and glow sticks can be a nice light that you
can give to your children that could glow and burn through the
night so that they’re not afraid
in an emergency situation
emergency uses for glow sticks
have some sort of an emergency way to
cook your food with your prepping gear supplies bug out bag emergency kit 72 hour kit get home bag
whether you have a barbecue a gas grill
a camping stove for emergency cooking
and if you don’t have any of those
things look for something as simple
as one of these Coghlans emergency stoves sometimes the fuel tablets are called esbit stove
esbit but I want to give you a warning
the fuel in these emergency stoves
is very toxic smelling it’s not
something that
I would recommend and I would not store the fuel tablets it just like this with my bug
out bag or emergency gear the bad odor from the esbit fuel tablets can contaminate everything that you have
esbit emergency stove fuel it’s a chemical that I would want to use when I was heating my food but if that
was all I had I would definitely use it
you can use the little stove though and
you can substitute the fuel
with little candles I put a stock pile
of little candles with my emergency stove and I just put the little candles in a toilet
paper roll they’re all stacked up and
held together
and you can substitute these for the
fuel tablets in the emergency stove it allows you to heat up your food in an emergency situation
if you don’t have any other way
other inexpensive ways that you could
warm up food is as simple as fancy heat from the
Dollar Tree store prepping supplies from Dollar Tree fancy heat it’s an alcohol stove you remove the lid
you light the wick and fancy heat will burn for about two hours
and sometimes you can find sterno or
other little
gadgets emergency stoves that might be emergency portable stoves that are very inexpensive
a great idea would be to get something to cook with in an emergency as simple as a butane stove
a butane stove is only around twenty
dollars it’s an inexpensive way to have
a safe way to cook food in an emergency
because it’s safe to even use a butane portable stove cooker
indoors so if you don’t have any other
to heat food in an emergency consider
a butane stove whatever emergency
cooking or stove idea that you decide
for yourself
make sure you include lighters and
matches so you have a way to light
your emergency stove winter is coming
make sure you have an
extra layer of warm clothing depending
on the climate where you live
maybe you need a lightweight windbreaker
or a heavy winter jacket
a scarf a hat warm gloves
heavy socks and shoes that you could
for several miles in bad weather if you
needed to
if you leave the house in flip flops or
high heels
and your car breaks down and you need to
walk through a rain storm or snow storm
make sure that you have the shoes or
boots with your gear
that would allow you to walk several
miles in the worst
weather that you may encounter have a
set of warm clothing for
every family member every emergency kit
from your bug out bag to your get home
bag 72 hour kit needs some ways to build a shelter and
stay warm maybe you need a poncho or an
emergency blanket one of the mylar
survival blankets
you can find some emergency blankets
that are
sturdier and have multiple layers even a
big black
plastic trash bag can be made into a
shelter or a poncho
I’ll put a link to a video about all the
different ways you can use a black
plastic bag including how to make a poncho if you’re
short on money you can even find a drop
cloth to make an emergency shelter
at the Dollar Tree store prepping supplies gear from Dollar Tree have some sort of
paracord if you can and I highly
recommend the life bivy
and the life tent from go time gear
they’re a high quality
ready to use emergency shelter kit that includes everything from some
cordage to a whistle the life bivvy is
like an emergency sleeping bag it’s
multiple layers it’s reusable and it’s very sturdy
the life tent is like a tube tent it
includes the cordage
and is larger than a life bivy from Go Time Gear so several people could shelter in it if
you needed to Life bivy and life tent also includes cordage and a whistle
the life bivy is probably my favorite
you can climb in it even in your car if
you’re stranded and it can reflect
back your body heat and keep you warm Life Bivy from Go Time Gear
comes with some paracord
and an emergency whistle and you can dry
it out and reuse it if you need to
it’s very sturdy and look I packed some
other little emergency gear
inside my life bivy this life
bivvy i keep in my car
and inside of it i’ve also packed a
cotton ball with vaseline petroleum jelly
a votive candle a lighter and a
you can use the lighter to light the
little candle and give you a little bit
of warmth and heat in an emergency
having a bit of light and a bit of heat
can make all of the difference
in an emergency and it’s nice because it
already comes with some cordage and a whistle
i’ll leave a link to a video i made about how to use a whistle in an emergency
if you need to signal for help one thing
i did notice about the
life tent and the life bivy from go time gear there is a drawstring
the barrel clasp on the cord and the
whistles on the end but don’t use the
whistle for a pull pull on the cord because you can
you don’t want the whistle to come off
it’s not designed to be
a zipper pull or a drawstring pull it’s
designed to be
a whistle for an emergency
hand warmers are a must-have for every
emergency kit keep them in the original package
and when you tear them open there’s
little packs inside
and then you shake them around and when
the oxygen hits them is what activates
them hand warmers do expire if they become exposed to
the air if you feel that your package of hand warmers is still
flexible they’re still good
it’s best to keep the handwarmers in the original
package or when I put them in my bugout bag go bags I keep them in a ziploc bag to
help give an extra layer of protection so that they don’t get punctured you can
find them for hand warmers
body warmers toe warmers they’re all
different kinds
look over choose some kinds that you
would like
put them in your bug out bag your get
home bag
keep them even in your winter coat
pockets and with any of your
gear that you’re heading outside for the
gather up some cold weather gear some
cold weather clothing
and be ready and prepared for whatever
comes your way
if you enjoyed my video i hope you’ll
share it with someone else who you think
might like it
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