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all right we’re out here at the
worst-case-scenario survival school
we’re out here with Randy Wurst Randy
“Rawhide” Wurst and Randy’s the real deal
he’s one of four guys that actually
built the classified survival manual for
SOCOM all right so we’ve covered what
Randy keeps in his vehicle now the next
layer is your bag, but this time of
year Fall in central United States this
be your hunting bag? Randy: that’s that’s
correct that’s just for hunting Karl: take
us through it there’s a lot blatantly a
lot of stuff here
Randy: I’m not going to tear this all apart
I’ll just go over some stuff quickly for
you your bag will be designed personally
by you for what you’re doing with this
is just set up for currently for me
hunting this year some of the important
items you know all the survival gear for
making fire for signaling for making
traps lights all that compact stuff is
in this bag and I’m not going to tear
this apart in here are my tarps I have
some by I think it’s Outdoor Products
extremely durable tarps they’re eight
foot by nine foot I can make shelters
just extremely easy when I love those
tarps in there there’s also a ground
tarp that’s in here so if I get caught
out I I don’t ever want to be caught in
a emergency situation I’m not prepared
for so those are in here so if something
happens and I get stuck overnight I can
build an emergency shelter
believe me it’s inside here I don’t want
to get into that all my bags and my
jackets will have signaling devices on
them so if I have to leave them say
Karl and I are together and we’re going
to break off and follow this game well
at the last point where we knew that we
were we dropped our gear and we turn our
signal lights on and then we go follow
the deer we can always go back and find
it okay or if I’m injured and I need him
to find me then I’d have my
signaling device on there also all my
jackets they’re smaller now real quick
there’s the old stainless steel can for
heating and cooking and putting water in
this I know it’s a small tool to hand
trowel it can do a lot of work with it
and it’s awfully small why it’s here
I can dig snow shelters dig into the
ground the axes my very favorite is my
CRKT tomahawk
but for hunting and stuff and I’m not
going to be that far from my vehicle
this is the Gerber that has the saws
inside and it’s lightweight and there’s
a classical saw the saw gives me a lot
of capabilities of working without
wasting a lot of energy this whole top
portion here is medical stuff some more
additional medical stuff here that I can
get to fast this is stuff in here like
my mini bye nose and stuff are in these
small pockets down here on the other
side real fast Karl can understand that
this is the those tools that we would
call making loopholes
it’s a Leatherman kind of like the
Leatherman we haven’t built but it has
Clippers so you can cut branch and stuff
out of way there’s a little small
skinning knife that’s right there things
that I can get to the other thing the
Karl and I do in SF we would make these ago
on a collar
these are little nano lights so we could
pull it use it let it go so I have it
sitting right there lights are important
okay I don’t want to tear this bag apart
you want to see what else that you can
do what I have you’ll have to come to
the school that’s all I can say

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  1. Damn, your videos are usually pretty thorough, this guy just wasted 3 minutes 47 seconds explaining that he has a bag set up for hunting, and spent half the time telling us that he isn't going to tell us whats in it…gave us absolutely NOTHING to make me feel like I am even remotely interested in going to his school.