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You’re not sure if the Gerber Impromptu Tactical
Pen is worth the price tag?
In this video, I’m going to take you through
the key questions that you need to answer
to decide if this tactical pen is for you.
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Hey, I’m Kirsty from the Atomic Bear.
We design, make and sell tactical pens.
We’ve sold over 100,000 tactical pens in just
the last three years.
And we are geeks when it comes to EDC and
tactical gear.
So, let’s dive right in and find out if the
Gerber pen meets your needs.
Well, first off, what is a tactical pen?
Well, it’s a pen, first and foremost, and
it’s made to get you out of a jam, whether
it’s for self-protection, breaking a glass
window, all other tasks.
It does more than writing.
So, let’s jump into our seven criteria analysis
to understand how you can benefit from the
Impromptu pen.
Number one, writing experience.
First and foremost, it’s a pen and it needs
to write well, right?
So, let’s check out how this one does.
Now, the quality of the mark of a pen really
comes from the ink cartridges themselves.
The Impromptu only takes Fisher Space and
Rite in the Rain cartridges, which are pretty
good and it produces a continuous flow of
ink in all positions.
Also, even apparently underwater.
So, it’s a great writing experience in my
Now, the only downside is the cost of each
cartridge is around $7, so three to five times
more expensive than other great alternatives
like the Parker type of cartridges.
Another aspect of writing is the pen weight
balance or how the weight is distributed on
the pen and how heavy the pen actually is.
Now, this Gerber pen is pretty heavy, so the
weight balance would be better if it was closer
to the actual writing end itself.
So, in my opinion, the weight balance is a
little bit off on the Impromptu.
Now, my last point regarding writing is how
the pen fits into your hand.
Now, for me, the Gerber Impromptu is slim
and it has a great finger feel, but the only
issue is the little glass breaker here.
So, you can see it here.
Now, you have to turn the pen to make sure
that the metal head does not scratch the paper
that you’re writing on.
And when you turn on the glass breaker, then
the clip starts to annoy me a little bit in
the hand.
But this being said, it’s not a big deal to
me, so I could probably live with that.
So, all in all, in terms of writing, I don’t
see the Gerber pen being superior to other
way cheaper options on the market.
I personally would prefer more options for
refills, which is why we have three pens in
our current line that actually accept both
Fisher Space, all pocket ink cartridges.
It just means it’s that much more convenient
and also cheaper when you actually need to
refill the pen.
Number two, the glass breaker function.
Now, one of the most awesome features of many
tactical pens is the glass breaker function.
So, let’s say you or someone else is stuck
in a car accident.
You need a great glass breaker to easily smash
a window to help you escape ASAP.
So, how effective would the Impromptu be in
that situation?
Well, to be honest here, I’ve not actually
tested the Gerber Impromptu on a real car
window, but in Gerber’s ad you can actually
see Tim Kennedy using it to break open a pickup
back window.
So, it definitely works.
However, I’ve got two concerns with this pen’s
business in them.
First, you need to hit a little bit on the
side because the metal tip is not actually
centered and it’s actually quite small and
So, you need to hit like this.
Number two, it is made of stainless steel
as opposed to tungsten.
So, it may be more difficult for someone not
as strong as Tim Kennedy to break a car window
because of that.
This also applies to self-defense situations,
where you may not have time and the fine metricity
to hit the point properly.
So, to give you a comparison, we filmed breaking
a car back window using our Rebel pen.
We use tungsten carbide instead of stainless
steel and have shaped the business end like
a small bullet to maximize the penetration
on impact.
All in all, the Gerber is not an exceptional
glass breaker or self-defense pen, but it’s
definitely better than a regular Pilot or
a regular Bic pen.
Now, number three, the writing mechanism.
So, we talked earlier about how well the pen
Now let’s jump into how well the writing function
is deployed.
Now, I think that this pen has the best clicker
on the market, probably at the expense of
the self-defense and glass breaker function.
The clicker end is fat and it feels tough,
so that even with gloves you can deploy the
writing end with only one hand without even
Even though some people report the clicker
to break, this is the most robust click pen
I’ve ever used.
Now, changing the ink refills is a breeze
You just unscrew the little writing bit, and
So, all in all, the Impromptu Tactical Pen
is easy to activate as a pen and is a great
Now, number four, everyday carry.
How easy actually is it to carry?
If you’re going to use the Impromptu Gerber
Pen as your everyday carry pen, I find it’s
got one major issue.
It’s way too heavy.
It’s great if you love the feel of a heavy
pen, but you can’t carry it, this pen, in
a shirt pocket of any sort.
We tested the weight of this pen to the weight
of coins to carry around in our pockets.
So, just check out here the equivalent amount
of change that you are actually carrying in
weight with this pen.
Other pens are way lighter and just as robust.
A pen like the Rebel cuts the weight in half.
So, having a lighter pen is not only nicer
to carry, but it also leads to faster and
more powerful strikes too.
The pocket clip which helps you carry the
pen is great out-of-the-box.
However, it eases quickly and the retention
in the pocket can get looser over time.
So, unless you carry it in your pants pocket
where it’s unlikely to fall, the clip is actually
not that useful.
So, in our opinion, it’s not the best option
available on the market as an everyday carry,
especially if you plan to carry this pen on
you all the time.
And then, number five, where the pen is actually
Now, the Impromptu pen is made in the USA.
Now, this is a rare commercial tactical pen
that’s actually still made in the USA and
this partly explains its price point.
And I’m actually really curious to know about
this, because as manufacturers, we’re often
left with a choice.
Do we charge more or do we make our gear abroad
to help keep the cost down for our customers?
Gerber made that decision to make it here
in the US.
Most other brands like Smith & Wesson, for
instance, make their pens in China just like
So, I’m really curious to hear you out on
So, in the comments below, type how much you
are willing to pay for buying tactical gear
made in the USA?
Would it be double?
Would it be triple the price?
Or maybe just 50%, 20%, 10% more.
Please let us know below.
Now, number six, the grip.
You need a great grip on the pen, especially
when you need to use it for self-defense or
as a glass breaker.
I like a lot how grippy finish this pen is.
The center coat finish is actually used on
rifles or guns as well.
It’s also great looking matte and a resistant
On the negative side, I don’t like that I
can’t actually use my thumb to stabilize my
strike because the clicker is actually in
the way.
You can compare this to all of our pens where
we actually have a thumb rest to solidify
your grip and deliver strong strikes in even
wet conditions.
So, I personally like how slim the pen diameter
is compared to other alternatives, but I do
have small hands.
So, there will be guys out there with much
bigger hands than me that might find this
pen too slim for a good grip.
Now, all in all, the grip is good but not
stellar compared to other options.
And last but not least, number seven, the
Now, of course, this is a personal opinion,
but I love the look of Gerber Impromptu.
It is pretty slick.
Not too tactical, but just enough.
The matte finish is also, in my opinion, very
What do you reckon?
Now, on a side note, other pen models offer
the features to make it even slicker.
For instance, our Defender has a stylus.
Our MTP-6 has a flashlight and a bottle opener
and also a potential knife function.
The Gerber pen is plain simple and you may
want to keep it this way if you are mainly
looking for a robust pen.
So, all in all, in conclusion, the Gerber
Impromptu Tactical Pen is worth its price,
if you love the click pens, you are ready
to pay quite a bit extra money for made in
the US, you love heavy pens and the primary
purchase reason is not for self-defense or
breaking in emergencies.
If you want to find out if one of the Atomic
Bear pens is a better fit for you, you can
find our five questions guide in the links
below this video.
Also, if you’d like to join a secret society
of like-minded people, you can apply to join
the Atomic Bear Elite private Facebook group.
Check the link in the description of this
Thank you for watching.
Check out the video links on this screen more
about tactical pens and also to understand
how to use, carry or choose them.
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This is Kirsty, signing off.
Until next time, my friends, be safe.
And remember, prepare to survive.

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8 thoughts to Survival Gear Authority Lowest Price For CBD At 2:38

  1. I've had several different kinds of tactical pens over the years. I have a couple of atomic bear pens which are my favorites. They tend to be weighted correctly, and one has lots of gadgets incorporated into it. With the Advent of recent events, I would have no qualms being a little extra to have it made in the USA. 20 to 50% is reasonable!

  2. One, this is a childish point but uh 69th like, nice, this pen seems not to be the best design you have

  3. I have 3 different Atomic Bear tactical pens and they are well built and worth every penny.

  4. I have the Atomic Bear tactical pen, which I find to be great. I haven't had any problems with it. The Gerber pen looks to be ok, maybe a bit more difficult to use for someone without a lot of upper body strength. I'm not sure I'd spend $65 on the Gerber. I'd rather try it free and decide after.

  5. Good looking pen.It would be nice to feel it in hands.I own a knife from atomic bear and for 2 years -no problem,overall satisfied.If this pen is at least the same quality as knife it should be a good tool.never owned one before.

  6. I have kind of moved away from Gerber brand products. Growing up I always heard they were one of the best. I bought my first Gerber pocket knife and it was stamped China and fell apart within a few months. I now try to only buy American made products. I think if there's any plus side of this whole terrible virus situation it will be for us as a country to realize that we need to rely more on ourselves and our own infrastructure.

    I like the look of the Gerber Impromptu pen but it lacks the innovation that companies like The Atomic Bear bring to the table. Gerber and a lot of large outdoor/gear companies (looking at you Coleman) have sold out to maximize profits and they're just not hungry anymore.

    I'd rather pay twice as much to feed a hungry Atomic Bear that cares about product quality and what the consumers actually want.

  7. My favorite carry knives are Gerber, for simplicity. I appreciate the simplicity of this pen. Being a lifelong thrower of knives and other pointy things, I actually like that the center of mass gives this pen a decent balance!