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  1. Hey man nice video! I usually wear gloves when using hatchets 🙂 And I agree with you – definitely a tool better tactical situations. My only qualm is that I prefer a two handed weapon it that sort of an environment. But for the money that is a pretty wicked tool! Awesome – thanks!

  2. You've no idea how to use that. That's a pity, 'cause I was subscribed :/
    Also if you don't know SK-5 you don't know anything about materials.
    As a notorious fox would say – "SAAAD".

  3. Hey Brian! Love the videos. I've watched a bunch so far. I love your humor, espescially the throwing jokes. Your camera work and editing are pretty darn good too. Very helpful and informative. I really appreciate someone with the charisma that can hold the viewers attention while having fun and giving the facts straight up. Keep em coming and I'll keep hitting the like button. Best of things to ya man!!!

  4. Good vid as always. Wouldn't that cutout in the handle make it structurally weaker? It looks to be half the diameter of the handle! So, is it really full tang, since a big chunk of the handle is gone?? Maybe you could measure it please.

  5. I bought one for my get home bag, because in a disaster before thinking about getting home you have to actually get out of where you are. Earthquakes and power failures make getting out of a building difficult sometimes or you may be trapped in a Subway trying to open doors or break shatter proof windows.
    Excellent First Responders forcible entry tool. We all saw the video of the firefighter trying to smash through the side window of a sinking car he couldn't get through. New 2018 Federal Regulations all four sides of a car have to have shatterproof safety glass and many car manufacturers switched many years ago this is the tool that's going to get you through carglass those little tiny pointy shatter things don't work anymore
    First thing in a disaster, before you're able to start getting home you may find yourself trapped either subway car with no electricity or a building that is slightly shifted because of an earthquake. With this you can get through shatterproof glass wedge open a door that might be stuck. It can also be used as an anchor to tie rope on if you have to repeal out of the window in a building. I searched all over the Internet for the best tactical axe with a crowbar on the end and this was the best one I have seen I like it alot.
    The two belt tabs fit PALS/Molle so you can attach it to your back pack. I didn't buy it to chop wood, more for a forcible exit tool. I think many people forget that when there is a disaster chances are you're going to be stuck inside somewhere this will really help to get you out and if it's too heavy to carry you can always hide it and get it later on once you are on your way home or just keep it for making your fires wood. Take care from Canada