11 thoughts to Survival Gear Axe Buy In Store Nearby At 17:42

  1. This is WHAT it looks like; not “HOW it looks like”. When you use “like” at the end of a sentence you can’t use “how”.

    Option 1: “This is how it looks”
    Option 2: “This is what it looks like”.

    That’s it; no other options.

  2. Get the bigger one's like the Red Cross emergency crank or go to military surplus. The bigger one can charge anything including cars. Look at WW1 or WW2 movies. Emergency only!

  3. Everyone should have an emergency phone …monochrome, nontouchscreen and this crank in the box…is not for smartphones.

  4. Your hand will get tired if you spin this hand for so long in the hope of fully charging the device. You won't charge the smartphone fully very fast due to a low amperage