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  1. Looking for an affordable, lightweight EDC flashllight, running on common batteries? Look no further! Allow me to present you the Thrunite T10 EDC flashlight!

  2. While I greatly appreciate the classy looks of this little one, there are two things that sour the deal for me: it's too short for my hands to grip comfortably, and it's a reverse clicky. I like my momentary on. And while I'll reserve my thoughts on the diffuser since I have no flashlights with one, I figure a good strobe is better for emergency signaling. No questioning the usefulness of candle mode, though, that very likely beats ceiling bounce in overall illumination.

    This is a light more geared towards people that wear business clothes and don't use their torches all that much, methinks (and now I can't un-see a lawyer pulling one of these out during an outage in court). You know, people for whom a regular flashlight, with its almost-all-black, knurled profile with a rubber button, would look too brutish to go with their clean-cut motif and aren't very likely to need strobe even if it's for emergency signaling.

    Though I sure wouldn't complain about getting one of those on a good sale or something and definitely would find a pleasant niche for it, I myself prefer to go with the Archer 1A. Pretty much the same runtimes, one extra mode, a bit bigger for a better grip of mine, and most of all, momentary on, a feature I use one HECK of a lot. The 14500 support is fine, too, but a distant secondary.