7 thoughts to Survival Gear Bag Buy In Store Nearby At 1:46

  1. Nice set up. I agree that you can get by for a night just fine without an emergency blanket. With the gear you have you can get a improvised shelter thrown together with natural materials. As long as I have shelter from the wind, any precipitation, and a fire, I can make it through the night!

  2. That is nice idea. I carry my survival gear in vest that I made. I always like having the essential items I need for survival on my person just for the reason you mentioned, if I become separated from my pack for any reason I don't want to be screwed. I don't carry emergency blanket either.


  3. you can cut down on wind noise by putting a piece of sponge in front of the mic on the camera. Wasn't bad in this video.

  4. hi there, interesting rig set up….very cool idea, i use to carry a chest pack for all my essentials but i'm thinking about building a drop leg rig for my hiking first aid kit so it will be with me everytime, even when i leave my backpack out of reach. btw what kind of backpack are you using in this video, i tried to find it on your channel but i didn't see it. thanks for all the info and for all your videos

  5. I really like your setup I've notice the knife drops behind the frag pouch. Is the molle on the back of the pouch designed with extra room to accomodate a knife?