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  1. I like Gerber too. Brian, I've never broken any of my Gerber knifes. I've never really abused any of my knifes either, proper tool for the proper job. great video bud 

  2. "Gerber-'GITTER'-Done"   Yup-Yup ! Thanks 4 sharing your demo & opinion.Seems 2 B up 4 any task.  Stay Safe & Warm.
    Happy Trails From The Maritimes In Canada
    "  GOD  BLESS  "

  3. great video.its good to see a gerber with such a long history of testing (15 years plus).i personally like gerber multi tools as well as leatherman.would really appreciate it if you checked out my channel.great channel 🙂

  4. I have a way different gerber, 600 Military issue. I keep it on my belt and I use it every day of my life. Pretty much the same deal but I have a better saw blade. or at least i think, cause I never used that blade.

  5. Hi Bryan, I have two vintage Gerber Multi Tool's, they use to be military issue, one has the black lock, and the other one is all metal, I've heard stories where the tool helped save a soldier life when a snippet ricoshayd off the tool, mine dint have a saw, but a very good serrated blade besides a regular knife, I really liked and used my Gerber's, they are noisy but very well made for the military to use, I found no reason to get another multi tool sin e I had the (2) Gerber's a vintage Buck Multi Tool a Spring assist vintage S.O.G. Multi Tool, but because I alway's wanted a saw on my vintage tool, I pulled the trigger on the Leatherman Charge TTi, it's the most expensive multi tool I have, but the Gerber's ate not going to collect dust on them, I still plan to use them, after all they done good for me, so why argue with success, I can't even count the times I simply use my Gerber's to take my pots off the fire, good review Bryan and Thanx.

  6. One more thing, the two Gerber Multi Tool's I have are different size, the older one doesn't have the locking blades, but very well made, it fits great in my pouches on my knife sheaths, and it doesnt have an awl which is probably my most used tool I use on a multi tool, since I have a Wicked Tough Saw which is compact size, and probably my favorite saw, I also take a Folding Jab Saw which is very compact and I can even carry that one in my hunting bibbed pocket or even my shirt or in the back pocket of my pants, so I don't need a saw on my Gerber, the two saw combination is actually my favorite way, but I noticed that because my knife blade is narrow and I can use it like an awl I'm glad I figured that out, besides the knife is very sharp and as it turned out it works great as a awl, like I mentioned before in some of my post I like to carry two knives a smaller knife and a larger knife, the larger knife I carry on person just in case I'm seperated from either my backpack or shoulder sling pack the pouch carries my smaller Gerber perfectly, great for getting the coffee pot off the fire, or any container that's on the fire, that to me is worth it's weight in gold.

  7. I love my Gerber MP600s. I have three – one withthe remgrit saw, and the other two without any saw – more urban tools. They get a bit of flak in the gear community but they are utterly bonbproof.

  8. my Gerber mp600 broke in 6 months, lol wasn't for military "every-tool" use. making it a hammer killed it

  9. I recently made a video on an older model Gerber multi tool and your right they are good to have.

  10. Great video!! Only someone that's had and used a Gerber as long as you or I have understands how great this tool really is. I use Gerber over Leatherman any day!! It has never failed me but Leatherman has, which is why I don't use Leatherman anymore. Also, if you get a Leatherman Bit adapter for the ST300, it fits the 3d Phillips head on your Gerber and it's a 16th longer than the Centerdrive if you use the longer bits. The MP600 is really a great tool, when I don't want to carry a bit kit, I just carry my Diesel, but I will only use Gerber multitools!!!


  12. I have this same multi tool. The only issue i have had with it was the bigger flathead screwdriver/bottle opener. The screwdriver portion snapped off where tip transitions to the can opener.