12 thoughts to Survival Gear Basics Lowest Price Buy Here At 9:39

  1. Potbelly is no longer hollow ground, it is saber. I guess it has gone through a few changes. They also changed the notch quite a bit.

  2. At 2:44 I had to hit the like button.
    I have a BHK, smaller size, a few years old but I can't remember the name of it. Doesn't matter. When I'm not cutting, or scraping wood with it, I'm fondling it.

  3. Wow. I can honestly say Chris. I'm glad I saw this video. YOU ARE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT knife guy now. Nothing (almost nothing) you said on this video you would probably agree with today (may 2018)

    Gave me a good laugh

  4. Cool to find someone in the Columbus area. Gonna check out Rivers Edge soon.

  5. That is too funny Chris, after you mention the name of your kabar potbelly there is randomly a woodpecker in the background packing away at a tree!!! Lol