12 thoughts to Survival Gear Basics Lowest Price Buy Here At 9:39

  1. Potbelly is no longer hollow ground, it is saber. I guess it has gone through a few changes. They also changed the notch quite a bit.

  2. At 2:44 I had to hit the like button.
    I have a BHK, smaller size, a few years old but I can't remember the name of it. Doesn't matter. When I'm not cutting, or scraping wood with it, I'm fondling it.

  3. Wow. I can honestly say Chris. I'm glad I saw this video. YOU ARE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT knife guy now. Nothing (almost nothing) you said on this video you would probably agree with today (may 2018)

    Gave me a good laugh

  4. That is too funny Chris, after you mention the name of your kabar potbelly there is randomly a woodpecker in the background packing away at a tree!!! Lol