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  1. Railroad right of ways are the most dangerous place to travel under normal circumstances. It is illegal to be on them. The trains can come without warning, I know from personal experience, as I been inspecting bridges when they have surprised me. A train hitting a human at 20 miles per hour or more will cause gross dismemberment of the body. During a SHTF end times, bridges will become shelters. Just look at who lives Unser bridges in Baltimore MD or Washington DC.

  2. Good info, something I had not considered. I would add- know your alleyways for in town movement. Keeps you out of sight most of the time, especially in smaller towns like where I live. Be safe guys.

  3. we have a waterway in our area that is a canal that was originally used for pulling by horseback barges and other goods with long ropes, they are still full of water however they are sometimes shallow now from silting in, but there is a river next to alot of it that flows good and is lots deeper so a boat would be ideal for getting out of the city here in akron. especially when the roads might be gridlocked

  4. i would recommend staying in the tree line while following the powerlines and train tracks most people would think of using those and its a disaster waiting to happen. the ones you Don't want to meet will be the ones that use the easy rout.