15 thoughts to Survival Gear Belt How To Purchase At 10:40

  1. Blabbitty blabbitty blah blah bah– Ya wasted NINE MINUTES with unorganized "so" and "ya know" small talk trying to justify What ya should be talking about — that's is THE KIT and contents. Plan your presentation and rehearse before you roll the camera!

  2. Video starts at 8:40 Thanks for sharing. I understand why you worry about weight. What I don't understand why you don't worry about time. You used 30 mins to do what could have been done in ten minutes. Consider that for your future videos.

  3. I do like it.
    My thoughts on the hacksaw blade.
    If you ever have to repair your exhaust pipe in minus 30 you will add a hacksaw blade.
    Been there 3 times and it's nasty.
    It's tiny for your wave and it's the first thing I bought.

  4. Add a wood and a metal asexually blade they can be held in the vice grips to make a handle.

  5. It really took 9 minutes to get around to opening your bag? Should have just kept talking more and made it 10 minutes.

  6. Thanks for the video. I did not make it through all of the video but tried to jump Around enough to get the basic concept. As for me I carry a Leatherman Rebar & small adapter bit driver kit with mini Leatherman flat metal tool #2 for prying and nuts & bolts. SAK Champion Plus 🔪with ferro rod and 2 more fast one handed deployable locking knives 🔪. Bic lighter with gorilla 🦍 tape rapped plus pepper spray and 5 inch flashlight on 15 inch sling so I can use to swing as nunchuck. Wallet and chain plus few scarfs and n95 mask couple pieces fatwood with extra cordage & gorilla 🦍 tape. That's just EDC carry in my pocket and belt. If I have a jacket I add other things. I can do most of the stuff with that you could do with stuff in the video. But as for in my trucks big tool box I carry in a my vehicle for emergency: I have everything from tool and road side emergency tools and stuff, extra water & fóod, first-aid kit & wool blankets and survival stuff. Plus bugging out pack get home bag