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Hello guys! Welcome back to our YouTube
channel! For today’s video, we will make
a DIY outdoor light, auto ON/OFF.
We will make an auto ON/OFF outdoor light or
mini streetlight. We will make auto ON/OFF
outdoor light. We will make an
auto ON/OFF outdoor light or like a mini street light.
It can be a mini streetlight.
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Okay guys, to start our project
what are the things that we will be needing? First,
mini solar panel. You can buy it online,
you may check the description box below
for the purchased link. This is TP 4056 with
battery protection. We use this
in our previous project to
charge 18650 battery. So we will be using
it today in this project. This is 1W
LED so we can also buy this online and I will put the
purchased link in the description below.
Now this is a transistor that can
be bought in a local electronic shop. Lastly,
18650 battery or like this one. I don’t know it’s
size or model but this is a laptop
battery that I salvage from old laptops
that we can use in this
Let us test it, guys!
The light turns on when…
(NOTE: I put a switch so that even when it is auto-on
we can still switch it off) Look!
Just imagine that the source of light that I am using
is the sun. So if this is outside and there is sunlight,
the street light will automatically turns off.
But if there’s no sunlight, it automatically
turns on. With the switch part,
you can remove it. I just put switch
so that I can turn it off.
Hi guys! Let us try it in the morning!
And as you can see, there’s a sunlight.
So let us take it. See? It lights up!
One more. Whoops! Turns off, turns on. Amazing!
on That’s it, guys! Thanks!
Thank you for watching please don’t
forget to subscribe to our YouTube

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Survival Gear Blog Where Can We Buy

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  1. Wow. Magagamit ko ito sa mga solar panel koh. Salamat po talaga sir sa pag share sa amin ng kaalaman mo. Salamat po. Sir gawa kapa ng more videos please.

  2. Hello mga kaDIY!
    Ang layunin ng channel na ito ay gumawa ng mga Do It Yourself projects na magagamit natin sa pang-araw-araw at ang mahalaga, ang projects na ito ay matipid lang. Kung ginawa nyo din ang project na ito, maaari nyo ipost sa inyong mga social media accounts at lagyan ng hastag na @ upang makita din namin. Maraming salamat!

    Suggested Youtube channel for more GREAT DIY/ELECTRONICS Project:

  3. Sir Jemar Optional po ba yung Resistor? Anu po value nun? wala po kasi sa description. At saan po kinabit? Thank you po.

  4. Credits to master Edmund brisenio sa schematic diagram, ask lng po, may pahintulot nya ba na gagamitin mo Ung circuit nya?