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Hello friends. Nice to meet you again
Today I would like to send you the temperature test of the Lumintop FW3A flashlight
This is the titanium version
Titanium will dissipate heat slightly less than aluminum so I send you this temperature test.
This is the packaging of the product
My flashlight uses XPL-HI led 5000K color temperature
The price of FW3A is 80 $ on Banggood.
The price is quite good for the titanium version
Inside the box
There is not much difference with the aluminum version of the FW3A
O’ring – User manuals
Lumintop FW3A titanium
There is another accessory
Clip Tactical Ring
Aluminum version is not included
This is our main character. Very beautiful titanium material
Very beautiful
This is the Lumintop FW1A Pro
Quick comparison of 2 product sizes
FW3A is slightly shorter than the FW1A Pro
When put 2 products side by side. You can see that the titanium version is much nicer than the aluminum version.
I think the price of 80 $ is quite reasonable
We buy FW3A. Electrolyzed it, the new color will be gorgeous.
The buttons on the titanium version are very good. I will try it out for you
You can hear buttons
The sound on the titanium version is better than the aluminum version
Click feeling on the titanium version is better
The “Clip” capability is still made of steel
Not titanium
I will try the tactical ring
FW3A K3.2 – Perhaps this is the button version
Lumintop has improved the buttons of the product from time to time
O’Ring white to hold the clip
I put it here
It looks pretty funny
I will remove the tactical ring. Our flashlight will be nicer
Looks better
Inside the lamp head
6 pcs 7135
On the back are still a few 7135
The design is very beautiful and sophisticated
Threaded step are made very beautiful
Now we will go to the FW3A’s temperature test
We will check the heat dissipation with titanium
To perform this test. I adjusted the temperature of the light and set the low-light temperature to 60 degrees Celsius
To save time I won’t say how to calibrate the temperature and set the temperature to dim. You can see back in the previous clips.
I use timer software to measure how long the lights will dim
Lux meter software to know when the brightness of the lamp decreases
Now we will proceed to the test
Switch over to the lux gauge and turn on the turbo
Current lux value is 290
Ambient temperature is 29 degrees Celsius
Humidity 87%
About 15 seconds
Brightness is dropping to 274 lux
After about 30 seconds the light starts to decrease a lot
Quite impressive with the titanium material
Titanium is less heat dissipation than aluminum and copper
138 lux
After 1 minute now I will take a test of the temperature on the light
36 degrees c
The temperature is not correct because the lamp is white
Like the clip I check the temperature on Fireflies ROT66 Generation II
Current brightness of 99 lux after more than 1 minute
After 10 minutes. The temperature on the lights is not very hot.
We can hold FW3A at this temperature
Now I will try another flashlight to see how much brightness 99 lux is equivalent to about how many lumens
Here I have Brinyte’s flashlight. Brinyte WT01 Apollo
The world’s first wireless rechargeable flashlight
We turn off FW3A and turn on Brinyte WT01 Apolo
165 lux
110 lux
80 lux
74 lux
The measured FW3A lux value was close to this level
Lumintop FW3A is equivalent to about 400 lumens of brightness at 99 lux
Lumintop FW3A will not decrease brightness at 400 lumens
Thanks for watching. Hopefully through this clip you will choose a flashlight that suits your needs.
See you in the next clips

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  1. Thanks for watching. Hopefully through this clip you will find a flashlight that suits your needs. See you in the next clips