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  1. What is the model name..I know it's a 2022 ..but I'm looking for the same color so I need to know what I'm searching

  2. Excellente arme …….. qui meriterait un meilleur tireur qui n'arrache pas ses coups LOL !! 🤪

  3. I clean my guns the same way. I rest my thumb on the side release pretty much ride slide for me it keeps the gun from going left and more control but everyone is different. Nice video

  4. 9:32 отвратительный клевок. Очень плохо стреляешь.

  5. The alcohol bath is also the first thing I do when I get the gun home. All run well after the bathe and oil job. Good suggestion, a must in my book. Thanks

  6. The answer to your problem is not to chop anything on the Sig Saure SP2022 and that being said , it’s a very easy problem to solve and an obvious thing to do, cut off all the fingers on your hand that insist on pressing down on the slide release. Or pay attention to what your doing and stop doing it , you decide and it comes down to if you can train yourself to avoid this problem and change the behavior or amputate all of the offending fingers and take into account that you will have 5 on one hand for sure and maybe 2 or 3 on the hand that would rather press the release then keep all 5 digits.

  7. Great video I'm looking forward buying it and please let your sponsors know your vid tipped the face. What a great vid subscribed to the channel and looking forward on more recommendations from you. Can you on a gun cleaning video and lube video!

  8. Was thinking of using regular Hoppe’s solvent and lubrication oil but stumbled upon your video. Now I’m a subscriber, so just curious was that 70% alcohol or 90%? And it doesn’t cause any malfunction, damage or possible rust?