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  1. The silverware tool you have for the survival actually you can flip the spoon or fork and put it in the back of the tool. And it should snap/click into place.

  2. Jeff, Just a thought on pack stoves. I use a simple, light-weight, aluminum Sterno-folding stove for the canned fuel ($7.00 ?), but don't use the fuel. I put a sheet of aluminum foil down as a base, (keeps moisture from killing the kindling stages). The stove works quite well with minimal split wood, once you do the usual fire-starting methods. I just keep pushing in the sticks as you would with any of these stove types. Very simple. Boils water fast, and throws quite a bit of heat. Its also a good starter step for your main campfire if you want to, by just removing the stove from the small burn pile to add more wood for a bigger fire. I pack the stove back in a large sandwich Zip-loc bag once it's cooled down, (in winter, throw hot stove in snow using your multi-tool). All these stoves get sooty, so you clean up when you get back home. Mine's been fine for three winters now. Regards.

  3. Very nice. But i think in a real survival situation. Id dig the fire down into the dirt. If my kabar would be able to get through the ground and if i had no grate or pot id just build a rotisery with 3 sticks and whatever i could kill or fond to eat id cook on there. Great video keep em commin!

  4. Thanks for the review. Just watching the video, even I was getting agitated that the bottom and middle plates stubbornly refused to lock in.

  5. I got a useful tip from Intense Angler, and that is to take a dab of dish soap and smear it around the outside of the pot and I guess the stove too before cooking with it. Then the soot literally wipes right off.

  6. nice video mate, but to be honest after testing out severals folding stoves, I still leave em at home and use the can of some kind of food i brought for 1 man trips. Less grams in you back pack hehehehe

  7. you should check wikipedia for "fatwood" and learn to harvest it in your local area if you can find it there, very usefull skill if you have 2 feet of snow everywhere. also other knots in evergreeen trees is good starter fuel wet or dry…

    its nice to have the gear(stove etc) but you can make that with 3 greenwood stakes and some bark or whatever. the trick is to know what you need and where to harvest and what you don't need to bring. pay extra care in your own environment,

    only bear grylls goes all continents.

  8. cutlerylover here in the uk i learnt a trick to make the decarboning of your easier .
    before putting your put ing the fire – upturn it and apply a coating of washing up liquid to the outside of your pot then when your done it don't take as much effort to clean afterwards i learnt it it the english cub scouts … try it and get back to me mate.
    hope it helps some dude .