9 thoughts to Survival Gear Box Subscription For Sale Online At 20:38

  1. Great idea for a video! May be cool to tag others and see what their 5 unusual items would be! I'll give it some thought and try to put out a video my self. We could all learn some cool stuff!

  2. I don't suppose you would send me your 100 and 50 dollar bills so I can test my counterfeit pen? 😀

  3. I like the video. The title is just fine. And i hadn't thought about a few of those so I'm looking forward to seeing the other ideas you have.

  4. Great ideas! I think that canning lids and rings would become a hot commodity. We store quite a few that we could use and share, but, we also have the Tattler Reusable ones that we will hold on to. During the depression, they ran out of lids and rings. This won't happen to us. 🙂

  5. I couldn't find a similar pen here in the UK, but the Amazon supplier does ship to the UK if anybody is interested. Obviously it costs a bit more in shipping, but I was very impressed with the pens when they arrived.

    Plus they're great for every day use as well. The light runs off batteries, so as long as you have spares, and the bulb keeps working, you're good to go.

    Nice tip. Thanks.

  6. The rooting powder is a great idea for trading and convenience, but I've read that you can also use willow bark to aid rooting – for free. I think you just pop a willow twig or the bark into the water in which you put your cutting to root.