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Hello, welcome!
In this video we are going to talk about an allround outdoor/survival kit
for abroad
In the Netherlands you’re quickly provided with local infrastructure and emergency services
nothing exciting about it
In some country’s this is not the case
as a Dutchman we are not used to certain areas
certain terrain
weather circumstances etc.
therefore it is good that you prepare yourself well for the area you are going to
I have some what if’s for you
one of them is based on personal experience
that one is at top of my list
get lost…
it’s so silly and clumsy
but it happens
really, really not recommended!
get lost…
medical injury
imagine you break your ankle or something like that
bad weather conditions
in general
or sudden weather changes from good weather to bad weather
having to spend the night unplanned for whatever reason
these are just a number of what if’s
where I selected my equipment on
and adjusted my gear
survival priority’s
not necessarily in this order
first aid
and signaling
those are the basics
and those are the basics you can select your gear on
I always work with an layering system for my gear
I’m used to that
The reason for this is
when you get separated from your backpack for whatever reason
or lose your backpack
you carry some items to fall back on
my first layer is everything I have on me
some call it EDC I call it my first layering
It’s everything you carry on you
on person
second layer
it is my first layer with and daypack
I also got an “third layer” that’s for multiple day camping with planned overnighters
what do I carry in my first layer
a pocket knife
I always say when I don’t carry my pocket knife “I don’t wear my pants”
navigation know where you are and where you are going
A Petzl headlamp
Signal device at nighttime
He also got a whistle
signal for daytime
a lighter
with some tape as a firestarter
a ferro rod
when my lighter fails on me
I still have my ferrorod
a scraper is included
and another whistle
a spoon
In my jacket
boonie hat
you guys just saw what I carry on me
the second part of my outdoor/survival kit
I carry in my second layer
first of all I keep repeating it
Make sure you carry an emergency shelter
and whether it is a poncho an emergency bivi or a tarp
make sure if you need to spend the night unplanned
you have to wait for help
or you have become isolated because of bad weather
you are protected against the weather elements
this is what I use as an emergency shelter
and as an allround shelter the Fjellduken Hunter
It has an marker panel for signaling
I added a ridge-line with hooks
two guy-lines
and some tent pegs
that’s my shelter kit
water prevents dehydration
and is essential to function
and to live
So I added an “waterkit”
A Klean Kanteen
You can boil water in it
It’s filled ofcourse!
use it as a canteen
my Billycan
you can also boil water in it
and lid
A waterfilter
the Sawyer Mini
syringe for back-flushing
A net for coarse filtering
and a straw
I carry a firekit
waterproof packed
whether you want to light your burner
or make an emergency fire
make sure you can make a fire at all times
therefore I carry this firekit
fire gives warmth
useful to prepare food
boil water etc.
it also increases morale
over here I have an emergency lighter
windproof/waterproof matches
regular matches
survival firestarters
and some regular firestarters
as an emergency ration I brought an MRE
carry enough food with you besides this
that provides energy
map & compass
when GPS fails on you you have a back-up
first aid
I have a video about it
for now I carry this basic first aid kit
you have to be trained for that
and an Israeli Bandage
emergency bandage
In this kit I have added
a rescue blanket
a survival knife
this one is specialy designed for pilots of the Swedish Army
you can choose to carry this one in your first layer
switch it with your pocket knife
you’ll need to deside that for your own
provides in most of the survival priority’s
piece of bankline
and paracord
a flashlight
my secondary light source
can function as a marker during nighttime
spare batteries
especialy for the GPS
but just in case I also have spare batteries
for my flashlight
and for my Petzl
last but not least
and a heavy duty garbage bag
well the allround outdoor/survival kit
consists of several parts
It has it’s reasons like I said in the video
can it be done with less in some areas?
yes you can
not in all areas you’ll need such gear
but this gear…
in all survival priority’s
to be on adventure safely and to be self-reliant
maybe watching this video gave you some ideas
I hope it was useful
please let me know in the comments
again keep in mind it is an gear for “no mans land” abroad
I would like to say
stay safe
stay healthy
till next time

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Survival Gear Box Subscription Where Can I Buy Online

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  1. Helder verhaal weer Fred. Voor het binnenland zoals je zegt niet nodig, maar voor het buitenland vergeten mensen dit vaak, zoals je ook al eens in een andere video aangaf. Goede voorbereiding is het halve werk. Ik ben niet roomser dan de paus, want ben er ook wel eens slordig mee! 😉

  2. Moiiii , complete uitrusting die ook goed te gebruiken is in NLD, van alle gemakken voorzien. Vooral de tissues maar die eindigen meestal tussen me reet s'ochtends hahaha. (Signaal) is een ding wat ik meeneem als tip. Ik heb alleen een fluitje of een vuur met vers loof of den. Ik ga een oranje noodbivi voorzien van de drie distress kruizen en toevoegen aan mijn uitrusting voor als ik na 30 liter bier mijn poot op drie plekken breek en een nachtje moet lijden hahaha . Qua noodvoedsel neem ik liever een noodrantsoen mee idvv die meelblokken , lekker compact weg te stoppen. Wederom goed uitgelegd zoals we van je gewend zijn en een mooie informatief stukje werk ! Ik zie joe !! Moiii

  3. Ik vind gear video's altijd leuk en deze was zeker geen uitzondering. Het duurt nog wel even voordat ik een keer naar het buitenland ga denk ik helaas. Maar als dat zover is zal ik sowieso van tevoren deze video nog eens bekijken.💪💪

  4. Hey Fred , leuke info video weer , Ooit (1986) Andalusië Spanje indd. "verdwaald" in het gebergte, vanaf dat moment altijd een kompas bij me , op dit moment (nog) geen GPS .. staat nog op mijn wish list !
    verder goede info maat .. ga vooral zo door !!
    grtz uit BB Janneman …