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um so tonight as you guys see I did come
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we’re gonna talk about bug out bags
being prepared but I will not be on the
camera because I’m having some sort of
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hello Christopher thank you for joining
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in the target zone thank you all right
so as you all know there is a lot going
on right now not only within the US but
actually worldwide so I thought it was
really important that we talked about
being prepared and we’re gonna talk
about one of the favorite things that we
have talked about on this channel before
and that is bug-out bags so we’re gonna
talk about being prepared and then some
of the things that you should have in
your bug out bag and if you don’t have
them in your bug out bag then now we’ll
probably a good time for you guys to
grab those things I will be showing the
things and like I said before I’m gonna
try not to be on camera because I’m
suffering from some sort of reaction so
do you guys all know the importance of a
bug-out bag prepared bag go bag whatever
you want to call it they’re super
important so they’re super important so
make sure that you have one if you have
one you probably want to have it in your
vehicle because sometimes you may not be
able to make it back to your home to
grab it and head out to wherever you
need to go okay so we’re gonna show the
bag and then we’re gonna show some of
the things that you need to put in the
bag I’m also gonna explain why you need
to put some of these things in your bag
and if you have any questions drop them
in the comments and we will expand on
them alright so the first thing that I
want to show you is the actual bag that
I will be using today when I was at SHOT
Show 2020 I was able to meet the owners
of Maxpedition and they gifted me with
one of their bags so for one second
and if you did not see my YouTube video
on this make sure that you check it out
because I did a YouTube video on this
bag as well
what’s nice about this is I like to
carry whatever you need and if they
can’t some do color so you want a bag
that’s going to be able to blend in it
and it doesn’t spring okay I’m a prepper
or on military okay so I like this color
okay so now we have our bag like I said
this is the max edition prepared sixth
and deluxe now we’re going to go into
some other items and these are going to
be some items that you want to have in
your bag alright the first item that you
want to have is some fine with it so
this particular survival kit that I will
be showing you is made by Gerber and the
name of this kit is the bear grill the
bear Gorillaz and this is the ultimate
kick so as I open this up so you see
this is pretty small so this is my hand
about how big it is and everything is
packed inside of here it comes with a
signal mirror a subscrible blanket fire
starter multi-tool a handsaw and fishing
kit a fishing kit and rope and a whistle
as well what’s nice about this bag is
the whistle is attached over here so
this is there’s a bubble kit by gerber
like I said the name of the interfere
and everything that I’m showing you will
absolutely fit in the bag
so we have our survival kit out of the
way and now we’re going to talk about
some navigation aid you can have your
wrist compass you can also have this
type of compass a protractor and a map
of your area of operation AOR whatever
you want to call it but you want to have
a map something else that you want is
note-taking material I absolutely love
these right in the rain boats and these
are all-weather boats
next thing I want to show you are knives
so you can have your fixed blade knife
or you can have your folding knife and
what’s nice about this is if you have a
fixed blade that’s going to be better so
we have our Vic’s blade and our fold our
handy dandy 550 cord and for those of
you who are familiar with 550 cord you
can use it for a ton of different things
and then you have your d-ring you can
use these for pulling loads and
repelling but 550 cord and a do ring is
something that we absolutely need as
well next is your flashlight or a
headlamp Catholics are really handy
because you can go hands-free
whenever you are using the headlamp so
just put on your head and you can still
have your hands available and then
there’s always your our glow sticks
so is there anything that I covered so
far and that you probably didn’t have
accessible that you think that you
should go ahead and grab and something
else that you wanted is some spare
batteries if your flashlight takes
batteries then you want to have some
spare batteries handy or whatever you
may need
all right so by nose you want to have a
set of buy notes because let’s be honest
you want to be able to see them before
they see you when I see them it can
apply to animals people whatever it is
you want to be able to see so having a
nice set of buy knows next is a sleeping
bag you want to have a sleeping bag
because you need somewhere to be able to
lay in and sleep hey how are you next
thing you’re going to want is shelter so
your shelter can be a tent or whatever
you can build right but you can build a
shelter with a punch out like it doesn’t
have to be anything super super big or
something that it’s going to take a lot
so with a poncho I would be able to
living in Florida I could have a poncho
a shelter I would just need to be
covered from something sorters rain like
it’s not too cold here so that would be
dictated by your climate
next thing I want to cover is water and
water bottles and you also want to make
sure that you have one of purification
means so there can be a tablet or a
filter this bag has two pockets on the
side and as you can see I have two water
bottles in this bag so I have this
plastic water bottle over here and
something else that’s really neat about
this bag is so I have my water bottle
I’m gonna put it inside my bag but it
also has this retention strap here and
make sure that you can see it this
retention strap to where I can wrap it
around my bottle and my bottles not
going anywhere
alright so that’s really handy as well
on the other side we have the same thing
retention strap wrap Todd wrapped around
my water bottle take the strap off and
then here you’ll see that I have a metal
bottle and what’s so nice about a metal
bottle so this one here is a hydro clasp
but I will be able to boil my water in
this metal bottle to purify my water so
metal and a plastic alright so the next
thing that we’re going to talk about is
food you want to have some food that’s
not perishable it can be freeze-dried or
protein bars but when we’re thinking
about food when you’re looking at
changes I want you to think about the
weight so I witnessed early throw canned
goods into this bag because it’s gonna
add extra weight that I probably don’t
want to add on to my bag the next thing
that I’m gonna talk about is weapons and
ammo when it comes to weapons and ammo
I’m not going first I’m not gonna be
able to show it on the line because we
can’t show those on YouTube but what I
want you to know is I truly recommend
for you to have a pistol and a long gun
alright and I often talk to you about
common calibers on
two incoming calibers are because in a
situation where I’m just going to say
Ishta may hit the fan if it’s just
hitting the fan you want a common
caliber that you can easily find I
typically like 9 mil 5 5 6 2 2 3
but I want you to think about those
things when it comes to the type of
firearm that you’re using
so we’ve already said that we are gonna
have a rifle and a pistol and this is
something that you may not think of and
I don’t think a lot of people think
about this but so I have my weapon I
have my ammo what about my gun cleaning
kit so here I have my break through
clean technologies pistol cleaning kit
you can also these also come in rifle
cleaning kits but you can get them for
different calibers so you can head over
to my website and check those out but
you want to have a good cleaning kit
with you because if anything happens and
now you’re good you’ve been using your
farm a lot now your excuse me and now
your farm is dirty if you can’t use it
then you’re up
excuse me out of luck right so I could
get a nice little signalling device this
is a BS 17 panel I’m not gonna pull it
all the way out but you can save money
with it’s the face
okay so I want to show you guys this
first aid kit that I have because I
think enough people so this is for not
only a situation as a bug-out bag you
should have this every single day
everyone needs a first aid kit all right
so this one is from DTM gear and when I
open up the kit this is what it looks
like and as you can see everything has a
home right I flip it upside down and
it’s not going anywhere I just didn’t
have that other one in there good would
you guys like for me to go into detail
on the things that are within this bag
or are you guys pretty good with what’s
in first day kids so I really like how
everything has a home and I mean I could
just swing it open and let me grab this
one thing I could swing it open and
myself isn’t going all over the place
except for the one thing that I did not
put in here very well so with this bag
you have a little bit of everything
I do not sell these
I actually received this one for review
so if you would like to see if you would
like for me to sing is going for I got
this back I could definitely do that but
this is a handy-dandy first aid kit and
with first aid kit you might want to
have so this one is a basic first aid
kit but you want to always remember to
have a tourniquet with you as well and
this one is by DTM gear alright so all
of the things that I showed you I forgot
so this is the back it also has a
compartment will work your firearm and
if you’re not it goes this side as well
so you can put your firearm in there or
you can also throw some panels in there
some armor panels
I really like that this bag is a very
discreet bag if someone were to see me
they wouldn’t think oh my god she has a
gun or oh my god she’s a crazy prepper
or whatever people may say but you have
the bag and you can put absolutely
everything inside this bag I will be
doing and review soon on this to show
you guys how convenient these bags are
stuff you can put in the bag so you see
me out I’m at the mall I’m doing
whatever I’m out hiking and I can also
secure these straps up to but I’m kind
of smaller so the bag is going to I’m
not going to require as much here but
now you guys see exactly the size of the
bag then I’ll go for the back and like I
said this bag is by Maxpedition and this
is there a parrot citizen bag and the
last time that I looked this bag was on
sale before I think $89.99 but regular
is 109 so what do you guys think about
this bag I really wanted to know what
you think because I’m actually trying to
work with some companies to see who I
can get to kind of help me with a
bug-out bag and I want to know what you
think about this one everything that I
showed you today will fit in this bag
plus more so if you like it let me know
if you don’t like it let me know but
also let me know what bag you do like so
that we can work on this bug-out bag but
you see it has plenty of space this is
the inside of the bag like I said I
already did a video on this bag but I
definitely want you guys to check out
that video because they broke down all
of the features of the bag but I’m
really loving this
and I like things that are good quality
but not necessarily break the bank
and I definitely see that with this bag
so it is double stitched cuff you guys
can see in this if you guys can see your
like for instance here here you guys can
see double stitch and they have I think
three three or four different colors
this one is the wolf ring to have a
black dark globe and a degree this bag
and I’m not trying to sell the bag
alright so I just want you guys to know
that I have been looking for a quality
bags and turns out I really like this
bag I’ve had it for over a month and I
like it hmm in the target zone said is
it water resistant yes it is water
resistant Harrell said that he likes
mess Maxpedition bag Thanks
all right so enough about the bag I’ll
sit the back to the side I hope you guys
don’t like roast me for my face waking
out but I haven’t been live in a while
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much for tuning in Randall alright so
we’re gonna give you guys a couple
minutes to do that and I hope that you
were able to find something that you
possibly didn’t know that you needed
when it came to a survival bag a go bag
whatever you want to call it just know
that these are very very important and I
often talk to you about the things that
you need I talked about being prepared
know it’s not all about guns it’s not
all about that but I want you to know
it’s very very important to be prepared
and not go out right now and just be
super stressed out and just all over the
place and at that point that’s when
people start to be desperate so I talked
to you about buying guns yes for
personal protection I talked to you
about ammo right and I want you to buy
ammo and bulk I do not want you to go
out and like right now last time I
looked earlier today me and my husband
looked and it was about 25 dollars
what’s the cheapest that you could get a
box of ammo for that is pure
right but if you are constantly stocking
up on ammo you wouldn’t have that
problem right now people are going out
and they are just scared so make sure
that you stay prepared right because
what is it like if you stay ready you
don’t have to get ready so that’s
something that we need to make sure
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Harrell said that it was Harold’s first
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Christopher Perry sale wash your hands
yes yes yes wash your hands so we’re
gonna come back to that too in the
target zone set I like the compass you
showed earlier on the green military
style it looked like military issue
though is that particular compass
available to the general civilian market
yes they are and he’s talking about this
so I am I gonna assume he but this is
the compass that he was referring to and
I look on Amazon and I’ll drop a link so
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you my cash app so diggety said doesn’t
ml go bad after a while I’ve always
heard you should shoot the mo in your
guns yearly what happens to the bulk mo
you buy so mo doesn’t not go back that
quick but what I do is I do cycle out my
ammo so if I’m going to the range and
I’m practicing which we should all be
doing that on a regular basis I am
cycling through my mo so the newer ammo
that I get this going counter to the
bottom and then the older mo is going up
to the top so do not stockpile your ammo
for years and years and years you do
want to use it and just cycle it out and
for me I’m an instructor and I have
students so I do go through a good bit
of ammo but I do have a nice bit on hand
just in case I need it
and I’ll be honest with you like I’ve
been talking about you know buying in
bulk you don’t necessarily have to buy
it in bulk you don’t have to buy it like
a thousand rounds at a time but if
you’re going to the store and let’s say
you’re going every couple weeks every
time you go to a particular store that
sells ammo just grab a couple boxes of
ammo if you can because not everyone has
the means to purchase everything in bulk
excuse me but typically when you
purchase it in bulk you’re going to pay
less per whatever it is that you’re
John said you know make sure that you
keep your mo dry and free from oils or
chemicals that is very important as well
you want to keep it away from solvents
and you want to keep it in a nice cool
dry place
tarik white said hey you’re awesome and
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tactical solutions thank you so much I
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thank you so much um tonight is a live I
used to do
Thursday night lives every single
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now I work nights I don’t work their
normal schedule that I used to work and
I don’t really in that Thursday night
lives I work Thursday night so now I
can’t go live on Thursday nights but we
were planning on doing Tuesday night
lives but then I started in networking
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day off to do a live so now is kind of
the first day where I’ve been able to
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Texas soul said thank you for the
quality content skip thank you so much
for that I appreciate it and um I will
tell you guys that I’ve been extremely
busy and it has literally killed me
since I could not come out and do a live
stream and kind of express the reasons
why I have not been live but my true
fans they know that I do have a
full-time job and I’ve been kind of
doing the single mom thing here for a
while because my husband was away but
he’s back now so I do have a a little
bit more time it was just me and the
kiddos and I want to show you guys
something else when so we’re not just
talking about all this virus stuff
that’s going on right now we’re just
talking every single day things that you
need to have to be prepared because when
you’re prepared you’re not gonna be
frantic so everybody talks about these
masks right these are something that you
need to have on hand if you’re gonna try
to purchase something like this now
they’re probably gonna be really
expensive but if you have this in your
home already you don’t have to pay
possibly double or triple of what
they’re in the store for right now okay
but these are good for so these have at
least a 95% filtration again solid and
liquids I want you to know that you need
things that are quality and with this
things that are airborne you’re going to
be able to fill up this area and not
have it introduced into your system
someone brought up earlier making sure
that you wash your hands this is very
important we should all be washing our
hands but as we know everyone does not
wash their hands so you especially right
now like it’s just crazy out there you
want to limit a lot of the
action that you’re gonna have with
people but washing your hands and you
know they say wash your hands at least
for 20 seconds like you want to make
sure that you’re washing them right and
you’re not just like putting some soap
on your hands and then just good to go
you want to wash your hands for about 20
seconds and then if you don’t have the
means to wash your hands then you can
also you should always have a little bit
of hand sanitizer on deck right I always
have some hand sanitizer with me when I
cannot wash my hands so this is just
Walmart hand sanitizer these are
probably running for about 20 bucks
right now but this says kills 99.9% of
germs and this one comes with some aloe
and this one is 62 percent alcohol and I
think I read that they want you to have
hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
so look on the back of this can you guys
see that movie I have a question for you
I was thinking about doing a video on
how to make your own hand sanitizer how
many of you will be interested in that
video even if you’re watching the replay
of this please let me know if you would
be interested in the video of how to
make your own hand sanitizer and
something else I don’t want to touch on
with you is when it comes to things that
would be in your bag you want to make
sure that you’re looking at expiration
dates okay
so whether it be some food that you have
in your bag like let’s say if you throw
a protein bar in there and then the
protein bar expires you want to make
sure that you’re steadily looking at
those things but like this this hand
sanitizer it says expires in June of
2020 so those are things that you’re
going to want to look at
so we’re making sure that we’re washing
our hands we’re making sure that we are
prepared if you stay ready you don’t
have to get ready and we’re also having
our handguns because if you have your
handgun or your long them preferably
both because you don’t know what type of
situation you’re gonna be in if you have
that then if it starts to get any worse
outside first of all it was already bad
but if people start to get too crazy
you’ll have a means to protect yourself
so if you follow me on social media
today I posted a meme talking about
people going out and buying all the
toilet paper right and they were the
ones that were saying we were crazy for
buying all of the ammo but it’s all
about being prepared and there’s plenty
of other things that you could do when
it comes to toilet paper but when it
comes to protecting yourself and your
family there’s only a few ways that you
can do that and I’ll definitely tell you
that it is important to be able to
protect yourself because if you have all
of the toilet paper right and someone
has all of the guns in the ammo
then how are you going to protect your
toilet paper if you don’t have a way to
protect it not saying that anything is
not important but what I’m saying is you
need to make sure that you are being
smart about your purchases
tarik said that sometimes he wears
gloves sorry about that
Audrey said that sometimes he wears
gloves because he works in IT and people
touch keyboards all day and he keeps him
getting sick that is a very good idea
and also that he washes his hands often
he said every hour that’s really good
I’m just gonna call you stoner because I
don’t know how to say the beginning part
the starter says I expect home invasions
are gonna increase a little bit best to
be prepared I do agree with that
umm I’ve seen a couple places where
people have said that you know there
have been home invasions and people are
going to start to get desperate
especially some people cannot go to work
think about the impact that’s gonna have
on their family if they can’t work some
people cannot afford to miss one single
paycheck so this may hit our economy
very hard and you know when our economy
gets hit then that’s when people start
to get desperate
um and the target said what once someone
figures out how to prevent the market go
bananas I was wondering today like how
did that start like I don’t know but
Texas Souls asked about any new guns on
the radar and the PSA dagger is
definitely on my radar I’ve been trying
to get my hands on quite a few handguns
so that I can do reviews on them I have
unfortunately not had a lot of time to
do reviews on guns but there are quite a
few that are on my list and I’m going to
so I’m actually gonna announce this here
but I haven’t announced it anywhere else
I think time just like I just been super
busy so I have hit two years in business
two years guys super ecstatic about that
but what I want to announce is that
we’re going to have a two year in
business giveaway and I’m super super
excited I hope that I can announce
this week I really hope that I can
announce it this week but it is I’ve
teamed up with a couple companies and
one of the biggest prizes is Springfield
Armory they will be donating a firearm
so I’m very very excited I feel bad that
haven’t announced it yet but they will
be donating if our arm and they donated
some swag and we have some other swag as
well that we will be giving out so so
excited you probably know how excited I
am because I just said so excited about
15 times but we have quite a few things
that we will be giving out and it will
be nice I’m very very appreciative
appreciative sorry guys to spring for
armory I’m gonna see what gun it is that
they’re donating but they are donating
if our arm I feel like your girl is
moving up like just a little bit like
they are done yeah axiom Elite 3.8 so
when I announce that make sure that you
have post notifications on for me please
have the post notifications on because
when I announce it it will probably only
be about a week that I will have the
giveaway open so that we can go ahead
and close it and get everything shipped
out because my life has been pretty
crazy lately
ray Casanova said make sure that you
sock up on this non-perishable foods
absolutely right Chris said I just
ordered that canik tp9 sa sorry SF elite
subcompact I have one let me know what
you think when you get yours I if you’ve
been following me for a while then you
know I have begged for this gun and so
finally out and I got it and I’m excited
and yarn dragon said that she’s so proud
of me thank you so much yarn dragons has
really helped me when it came to my
business stuff so she helped me with my
youtube and she has been so phenomenal
so tarik I’m not winning you guys are
winning cuz I can’t get the guns you
guys are able to win the gun so I can’t
win it but it’s great for them to be
able to support me my channel and my
supporters my followers whatever you
guys want to call it I’ll call you guys
supporters because without you I would
not be where I am today but I have a lot
of cool things that I’m working on and I
appreciate you guys for tuning in
tonight I know I haven’t been here but
just know I’ve wanted to do my lives I
will try to do another live soon but I
have some big things that I’ll be
announcing to you guys
summers building a Glock I have a Glock
that I need to build too and I think I
announce it like maybe six months ago
and I still haven’t built it so I plan
on doing that soon if there’s anything
that you guys want to see from the
channel let me know I put out a poll on
my YouTube and ass excuse me and I asked
you what did you want to see did you
want to see more lives did you want it
excuse me see more gum reviews let me
know because I want to put off the
videos that you guys want to see and I
think majority of the people put that
they wanted to see more gun reviews so
we’ll be honest with you gun reviews
take just a little bit more okay not a
little bit a lot more because I have to
go to the range I have to have ammo and
then I also have to have someone else to
fill me for those videos and that takes
a lot and I’m only off on certain days
like I have a couple of days that I’m
off but recently I haven’t really been
off so it’s harder to put out a gun
review but I will be working on some
things for you and I saw that that’s
what you guys want it so I want to do
the videos that you guys want but it
also takes for me to get the gun and
sometimes well a lot of times I have to
go out and buy the gun myself so if I
have to go out and buy the gun myself
then it has to be something that I feel
is worth investing my money into because
I don’t have a lot of money to put into
firearms because the girl is trying to
build a business too so if you have not
checked out my podcast check out my
podcast it is the skips tactical
solutions podcast the podcast is also on
the YouTube channel so if you want to
listen to it just go to the playlist
titled podcast and you will be able to
listen to my podcast
there will be new episodes coming out
soon but like I said I’ve just been
extremely busy so I have not been able
to do that and I know consistency is key
but I haven’t had the time at all and
Chris said that I’m glad that I find you
on YouTube I’m super glad that you found
me on YouTube I’m extremely grateful for
each and every one of you and just know
that this is just the beginning and yarn
dragon said we are skips community you
guys are my community you’re like my
family I appreciate all of you
right ass if I tried the Jericho nine
ten nine mil I have not tried it I’m not
tried that but if there’s anyone else
here in the live chat that has tried it
please let him know if there are any
questions please drop your questions in
the comments below
if you are watching the livestream then
know that I will still be responding to
those questions and if you guys have any
questions let me know but if you don’t
then we’re gonna head out was there
anything that I show tonight that you
what was like the one thing that you saw
me show tonight that you are going to
grab I want to know that everyone
learned at least one thing from the
video tonight like a true teacher I need
to know what you learned
hmm well this is my last handgun
purchase so I don’t want to say it was
my purchase but the Kanak subcompact my
husband bought that for me so I have
been wanting this gun forever like if
you go back and look at like my
beginning videos I’m like begging them
to make a subcompact and when it came
out I didn’t want to spend the money on
the subcompact because I was getting
ready to go to shot show and I just
don’t like spending a lot because I have
a family I have two kids and a husband
and I cannot spend all my money on guns
and ammo I still have to live but I
really really enjoyed that gun and it
was it was the gun that I’ve always
wanted so that was the last handgun
purchase and let me think rifle I bought
an air pistol from Palmetto State Armory
I did a video on that you can catch that
video under my playlist title skips
and that one was a firearm that I got
for review and I was supposed to do the
review and I fell in love with it and I
was like I have to buy this so that is
very rare for me to fall in love with a
gun like that but how about it
and if you guys want to buy it like that
gun is a phenomenal price ten and a half
inch air pistol and check it out and let
me know what you think about that video
– shrieks techno reviews are great slash
you need a real support staff but you
were killing it on your own though I
know it’s hard such I find it super hard
to even ask some of my friends and
family to even train seriously I don’t
know yeah I am very appreciative for
every single person who does support me
sometimes I’m so super busy that I can’t
even figure out what I need help young
dragons knows exactly how that goes but
sometimes even just having them go to
the range with you and they don’t have
to shoot anything they can just go with
you be in the presence and then start to
communicate with them the importance of
why you do what you do like you go to
the range and train because you want to
stay ready like you want to be able to
defend yourself protect yourself if
anything happens and you also want to be
able to protect them if anything happens
to and honestly one day it will click
for them but it’s not gonna click for
them until it clicks for them so just
continue to do your part and educate
them and I’ll have people that also tell
me that they will like plate one of my
videos and have other people around and
kind of hear them so that they can hear
the video and hear the things that I’m
saying or maybe they’ve said it ten
times and maybe because they hear it
coming from someone else that it will
click for them but if there’s anything
that I can do let me know
but thank you so much tarik ammo over
Christopher Perry said gun cleaning kit
so the gun cleaning kids are really
really good you saw how small it was
let me grab it and these are on my
website so this is the kit that I showed
and you can get these kids in different
calibers they come in bigger kits but
this one’s small they have rifle pistol
but this is just something that we all
need you can have this in your range bag
because look at how big it is like so I
do have smaller hands but this is the
size Texas soul says shout out to mr.
skip shout out to mr. skip
um sorry thank you for your service
alright guys if you don’t have any more
questions what I’m gonna do is I have
two things I was super excited about
this video because I haven’t had a video
in a while with you guys live so when it
comes to this giveaway I will I’ll do
that here in a second but then I’m also
gonna do a sticker pack giveaway and all
you have to do to be entered to win the
sticker pack is at the end of this video
once the video is over or I think you
can go to the comment section now you
can go and just in the comments of the
video not the live chat but just the
regular comments of the video I’ll tell
you guys with the type of in there okay
so if you want to be entered in to win
the guys lis hat snap bag and the cinch
bag and the PS a sticker even still has
a plastic all you have to do is type in
the comments live chat
live chat in the comments and then I’m
gonna pick a winner and we just drop the
comment in the and then live chat if you
want to become a patreon supporter all
you have to do is go to solutions every
month we have a giveaway for our patreon
supporters so they get that gets like
double dip they get a giveaway in the
videos that we do and then they also get
their own little separate giveaway so
type and live chat in the comments below
if you would like to be in ered you guys
know that like I really love you guys
and appreciate you because I already had
this plan and then I broke out and I was
like oh my god I cannot go and
camera but I figured you guys would
understand I haven’t showed up for you
in a while so I wanted to make sure that
I showed up tonight it’s looking like
Christopher is the only one that wants
to win this guy’s Lee get up and please
thumbs up the video and also thumbs up
the video and share the video as well
US Marine Corps Georgia boy how are you
and then another thing for the patreon
supporters they get to see videos before
they are released to the public so they
get a quick preview of the video now not
preview they get to see the video first
I don’t have any sponsors right now so
if you guys want to win this guy’s lis
hat cinch bag and PSA sticker all you
have to do is type in live chat in the
comments below Christopher it’s looking
pretty good
and then once this video is over then
you can win a you can be entered to win
a sticker pack
I’m US Marine Corps Georgia what we
talked about preparedness and I show
them some items to prepare for I mean to
prepare with so if you guys want to be
entered to win all you got to do is type
in live chat in the comments below I’m
gonna give you one more minute to do
that and if not we have just like a
winner already thank you so much so here
goes our first super chat for the night
so Marv came in he said sorry I’m late
great to see you again thanks for the
tumbler I love it so do my coworkers
matches my shirt thank you so much Marv
for the $5 super chat I gave you a shout
out earlier about the $5 mean about the
super chat on the last couple videos so
thank you so much Marv Marv
showing up with those super chats Marva
got a birthday gift from me
it was a tumbler and I think I put
something else in there too but 1st
birthday he’s been a awesome supporter
of me and my channel and I had show him
some birthday love and I think he had a
note in there too
all right so we have two who entered for
the guys leaf swag giveaway so let me
pick a winner
all right so the winner of the guys e
swag the hat the stench bag and the PSA
shot show 20 psi shot show 20/20 patch
is Christopher Perry so Christopher or
Perry congratulations thank you for
entering and I need you to send me a
email at Skip’s tactical solutions at or you can message me on
social media to get this prize out to
you I would love it if you would do that
tonight so that I can get this out to
all right so thank you guys so much for
tuning in tonight it has been a while I
do appreciate each and every one of you
I have some really cool things that are
going on soon like I said I have a
giveaway that I will be announcing
because I hit two years in business two
years I cannot believe it
March first was my two years in business
and I’m pretty excited so I appreciate
you guys and the other thing that
happened is I hit 3,000 subscribers on
YouTube 3000 so if you know of someone
who may be able to benefit from my
channel please send them my channel all
you have to do is click share on the
description of the video
and you can share a video with anyone
that you would like to share it with but
you guys have been so amazing and you
have been very supportive of my non
lives so I do appreciate that
but I will be trying to come to you
again I will try to do a live on Tuesday
please don’t hold me to that because my
job is very unpredictable and who knows
what time I will get home but I will try
to do a live on Tuesday because instead
of the Thursdays I want to try to do
Tuesday’s and if you guys don’t have any
other questions I’m gonna go ahead and
head out but what you can do is share
this video and type shared in the
comments to be inner to win a sticker
pack and I will announce that sticker
pack within a week so enter to win a
sticker pack all you have to do is share
this video and at the bottom in the
comments type in shared okay so thank
you guys so much for tuning in to talk
to me Thursday it has been so so great
to have you guys tuned in it was very
short notice but I feel like this was
very important to get this information
out to you Harel said congratulations
for two years of business and 3000
subscribers thank you so much there’s
like blood sweat and tears behind both
ears and the three thousand subscribers
and us man kori judge voice at wish you
have more years in your business skip
thank you guys so much thank you guys
for tuning in
have a happy and a safe week don’t
forget wash your hands and don’t get too
close to people right
so have a good week I will see you guys

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