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  1. Here for the Covid Great Depression… pretty much done prepping, adding some last minute items.

  2. four years later and you called it man. flue epidemic, people are looting and i wish i had prepped.

  3. Good suggestions. A good starting point that you can add to or take off depending on your current living situation. A few thoughts: Space saving is very important. A box of strike anywhere matches seems unnecessary particularly especially when you have an extendable Scripto lighters that will work in all weather conditions and saves space. Better yet, a cheap lightweight Bic lighter that fits in the palm of you hand. I'll bet they will beat matches lite-for-lite when you match them for an equivalent amount of volume in your pac. Candles can be replaced with lightweight collapsable solar lantern(s) (lasts forever). Ditch the glo sticks.
    Other thought, break your survival list into different categories and find inexpensive, reliable, compact options for every item in each category. Categories might include: Shelter, clothing, sleeping, sanitation, medication/first aid, food, records/documents, etc. There are plenty of highly functional items and alternatives for each item within each category. Shopping the Internet will find plenty of choices for even the smallest item. Final suggestion: be sure to shop camping/outdoor retailers such as Big5, REI, etc., for equipment. They have the goods and ideas for survival camping.

  4. Hello my friend, sincere thanks for sharing this very informative video. You did a great job. All the best to stay healthy. 🤗

  5. Put a piece of duct tape on the outside with the use by/best buy date of the earliest battery and chemical light stick. Remove battery from radio and charge it periodically. Also, keep in a cool location – candles can melt and deform.