8 thoughts to Survival Gear Bulk How To Buy At 5:39

  1. I found and bought the aircraft cables on ebay after watching your video.I carry a hand cuff key on my key chain as well as the strike force fire steel but now i can add my flashlight onto my key chain once i recieve my air craft cables,thanks for the great idea.Does the cable screws ever come loose on their own ,just wondering if i will have to titen the screw now and then or not ?

  2. You spend to much time “surviving” and not living. This isn’t the old 1800 days stop playing pretend

  3. On my keychain, I carry a Leatherman PS4, an Exotac Nanostriker, a titanium pry bar / glass breaker from Böker, a Southern Specialties folding lock pick set, and a length of Titan SurvivorCord paracord.

  4. If I understand the meaning for EDC do we just carry it more than using it? or it’s for back up just in case …?

    Do we remember how many uses of which bit(s) daily and which once weekly or less?

    Why do more than 99.999% of those EDC has a bottle open? It is because when we are in an unusual situation, there is always a bottle waiting for us to open to fix or get over it? Are we, the survivors, that dumb couldn’t even open a bottle bare hand? Or is it a cool thing to show off opening bottle in front of our friends with pocket bottle opener?

    I guess I am tired of tools with pocket bottle openers.