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Alright guys. Well, it’s Friday the week is over and so is the bongo Thai video response contest and
Guys did an awesome job. I think we have over 12. Maybe 16 videos and
Bad news is I’m not going to do a drawing
Everybody wins so everybody’s going to get a package of bongo ties
I actually didn’t have enough from Tim Bongo ties
I think he sent me 12, so I went to the locals ham store where I get a lot of radio equipment
And I got my first fond [gotay] package, and I picked up five more packages
So I’ve got plenty to send out and we’ll get those in the mail and the next day or so
So have to recruit misses us and er. Doc to do that mailing for me
I’ll be at work, but anyway no drawing everybody wins and you’ll be getting one of these in the mail
so thank you for the hard work and
the only thing I ask is
Do me a favor and let the people at Bongo ties know where you think of their products send them a note?
Send them a photo or send them your video
Alright guys. Thanks
Usne [or] duck out
you you ah

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Survival Gear Bundle For Sale Online

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  1. @HawaiiIceMan thanks and thanks to DOC for PMing me to let me know. Hopefully there's no bigger idiot out there than I am. What an idiot.
    Have I mentioned that I feel like a total idiot?

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