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– There’s nothing like the
beauty of the great outdoors.
Now, as fun as it is to
explore the wilderness,
it’s not always a friendly place.
I should know, I was raised
by wolves. (whistles)
(bird squawks)
I’ve spent my life walking the line
between man and beast, so I’ve learned
a thing or two about what it takes
to survive in the wilderness.
Like being ready if your
lighter runs out of fuel.
That’s why the smart
humans carry a Firebiner.
It’s a carabiner with a spark
wheel for emergency fires.
You can smell his worry
going away already.
Or you can reach for a
pack of Stormproof Matches.
They stay lit in wind,
or even when wet.
You can even bury ’em,
and they still relight.
– Nice!
– Yeah, it is.
This is mine now!
Of course, you need more than a fire
to have a good camping trip.
You need to be prepared if
you run out of drinking water
or if all you packed is beer.
That’s why I recommend
all people who grew up
in civilization to carry a LifeStraw.
It filters out 99.99% of bacteria
so you can drink straight
from a water source.
– Wow, it tastes just like regular water.
– (growling) And it
filters over 250 gallons
of water to keep you safe.
But you’re also gonna
wanna be comfortable.
Sleeping on the hard ground makes it
difficult to get the rest you need,
but the Windcatcher is
comfortable and portable.
It inflates in seconds without an air pump
to give you a nice, soft surface
that’s perfect for sleeping.
– Uh, I was gonna use that!
(wolf-guy growls)
Okay, all right.
– Be sure you check out
for a full range of outdoor gear
to keep you safe,
comfortable, and having fun.
(phone ringing)
Roaming the wilderness as someone who, no.
– [Wolf-Guy] (laughs)
I hope we were rolling.
♪ ♪

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Survival Gear California Order Online

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