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Are you looking for the best survival knife?
In this video we’ll break down the top survival
knifes available whilst comparing them for
price versus performance.
Before we get started with our video detailing
the best survival knives on the market, we
have included links in the description for
each product mentioned, so make sure you check
those out to see which one is in your budget
Starting off at number 1 we have the Spyderco
Paramilitary 2 Digi Camo Knife.
The blade length is 3.44 Inches.
The handle length is 4.84 inches.
The Spyderco PM2 shows off an attractive design
with a military/camouflage-textured G-10 handle.
A short yet deep blade gives the user a secure
grip and dexterous maneuverability.
The most discernible feature of this blade
is the wide hole located in the top of the
blade — its purpose is to provide an easy
transition for opening and closing the knife,
giving it a feel of manual interactivity.
This knife is extremely worth its price and
is a great EDC (every-day-carry) model since
it’s lightweight and infinitely customizable.
This knife strikes a good balance between
safety, function, and cost.
The Spyderco knife has a premium CPM-S30V
flat ground (plain-cutting edge) blade.
The handle is made of ergonomic top quality
steel and it’s a handy, comfortable size.
Notable features like a free-swinging blade,
smooth compression lock, giant thumbhole,
and textured grip make this knife stand out
from the crowd.
At number 2 we have the AKC F-16.
The blade length is 3.375 inches and handle
length is 4.625 inches.
The knife is compact, striking and reliable,
this is a sturdy OTF tool that’s priced right
for enthusiasts.
Showing off a black aluminum handle with a
copper inlay, this knife is just asking to
join your collection!
Featuring a simple and efficient design, it
is perfect for light-duty tasks.
It’s designed with a snappy, well-thought-out
mechanism — it has a sideloaded thumb-slide
that opens and closes the blade with smooth
precision (so be careful!).
It also comes with a pocket clip for tip-down
Though it may not look like it, the AKC F-16
is surprisingly sturdy; it’s actually inspired
by the impressive F-16 jet of the same name.
As expected, however, the handle will eventually
‘run down’, which shouldn’t really be
that big of an issue; the handle does allow
for a good grip though.
With a very sharp blade, this knife feels
solid in your hand and can handle many survival
At number 3 we have the Kershaw Launch 1 Automatic
The blade length is 3.375 Inches and handle
length is 4.625 inches.
This is a stylish knife with a little unique
addition — the US flag engraved on the back
Similarly to the OTF knife, it has an efficient
firing mechanism triggered by a single red
bullseye button.
This knife is middle-of-the-range in terms
of cost on this list.
In comparison to many knives in this vast
market, this is priced competitively.
Additionally, as a bonus, the manufacturers
provide quick compensation for any damage
or faulty pieces.
It’s very easy to disassemble for repairs.
With an incredible blackwash finishing, anodized
aluminum handle and sturdy blade, this knife
definitely excels in the durability category
(as well as all other aspects, honestly).
The only thing to note is that if you’re
not careful, the coating can rub off — so
we don’t recommend using this knife for
At number 4 we have the Smith & Wesson Swbg9Bs.
The blade length is 3.39 Inches and handle
length is 4.64 Inches.
Smith & Wesson not only manufactures quality
firearms but also quality survivals tools.
Coated with a sturdy stone-washed finish,
you can rest assured that this blade is sharp
enough for your basic needs; it is black,
textured and grooved, and it’s backed by a
G-10 Handle that provides ambidextrous thumb
This knife is definitely a bang for its buck.
Armed with high carbon stainless steel and
hefty varnish, this knife is not for kids,
and not for messing around.
The easy-maintenance tool features a nifty
drop-point blade mechanism for portability.
Like all others, the only maintenance you’d
have to perform is occasionally grinding the
knife (to maintain its sharpness).
And for our final pick at number 5 we have
the Cold Steel 39Fnsz Double Agent.
The blade length is 3 Inches and handle length
is 4.875 inches.
The Double Agent is actually used by police
officers and really drives home the “survival”
aspects of the survival knife; often attached
on LEOs’ duty belts, its prime purpose is
for close-quarters combat and self-defense.
The Cold Steel knife’s most notable attribute
is the double ring handle design (which you
can read more about below in “durability”).
It features a stainless steel blade accompanied
by a unique sheath.
In regards to customization, these Double
Agent neck knives can come in a Karambit or
Clip Point blade style.
This knife really takes survival and safety
into account, which are very important factors
to consider when purchasing a tactical or
survival knife.
This knife enforces its credibility by implementing
‘integral steel rings’ that are used for
solid gripping.
These rings are equally as scratch-resistant
as the blade… so even if you’re a little
clumsy, these rings fortify the safety of
your fingers.
They provide a useful mechanism that prevents
the hand from sliding onto the blade’s unforgiving
sharp edges (ouch!).
Unfortunately, one downside is that the handle
is made of plastic, which ruins the overall
aesthetic as well as strength.
Some might also argue that the quality and
utility of the knife are affected by its somewhat
low price… but as the old adage goes: you
get what you pay for.
So that sums up our top survival knives of
We hope you enjoyed.
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