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  1. From where I live carrying guns, knife and other weapon are strict you have to be rich or an influential elected officials to possess a gun carry permit even carrying a live bullet(unused) will get you to trouble of being arrested.
    My choice of self defense weapon is the Pocket Shot slingshot. I always carry it in my pocket loaded with one steel ball(and a bunch on my small coin purse) and no cap attached. btw I don't live in the US the pocket shot was smuggle by my friend living in the US so nobody knows what it is when I'm been frisk by a mall security guard and ask what that… I just tell him it's my backup camera lens.😂😇

  2. No one takes a way a weapon from you in a fight. thats never going to happen, if it does, then your already fucked. nothing could help you, this guy is trained and dedicated. Bottom line, use a deadly weapon, the concept of them using it against you is less likely then of them having one already

  3. You can beat the shit out of somebody with a maglite — they make very good clubs. They're well-built, and they have the weight.

  4. I always carry pepper spray, Brass Knuckle, Utility knife and self defense key chain…… No one can stand against these non lethal weapons.