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Hello and welcome to ePIG
today the second part of our Bug out Bag series with the vehicle bug out bag
You asked at the Tasmanian Trooper Pack Video
what is in you vehicle bug out bag?
today we will show you
We haven´t told you so far and just did a basic bug out bag video
but we think this is also important and for some also very interesting especially when you are not familiar with it
to see what´s useful and get a nice switch over to
the details of this backpack
but before we starting over with this, some words in advance
it will be short and not as long as it was last time
with the vehicle bug out bag the concept is that there is a backpack in you vehicle
with which you could get from your vehicle to your home where the regular bug out bag is.
you could also say a mini bug out bag or forwarded bug out bag
now I said bug out bag 4 times in a row, try to say that fast 10 times 🙂
won´t work at all
forwarded bug out bag
and that´s why there is a bit less in the bag
Let´s start.
We start with the little top compartment
in it we put the following items:
– workgloves, who watched the other video knows that leather-/workgloves
give protection to your hands which is very important
– headlamp, this is a black diamond spot I think the name of it is
waterproof light, red and white and dimmable
could really recommend it
– wet wipes and handsantanzier
for desinfection
always easy to grab that´s why it´s in the top compartment
– batteries for the headlamp and the nextorch in a waterproof box
the nextorch I carry in my pocket, i have in the box 2xcr123 and some small batteries specific for the headlamp
just for the worst case
– gerber sharpener, nothing special
but better than nothing
– eagle industries sse bag is also up in here
it´s a mesh bag cut like a gym bag to store some stuff that you get on the way
for scalps or something like that :-)))
that´s it pretty much i think, no hold on all the way on the bottom is the MUP pouch from black lion gear
in this I store my personal medication, who saw the video about these pouches knows I have aspirin in there
it´s perfect for this use and could be velcroed to the bottom
top compartment done!
Let´s go over to the big front compartment
– poncho, which I store in the slide in pouch
it is from helikon nylon/ripstop poncho in woodland
it´s lightweight and I liked it, of course a German Army poncho
or the old bdu poncho might be more durable but will be heavier as well
so I decided to use a lightweight poncho from helikon in this bag
on the panel I put all my signal stuff in
– comet emergency signal
– signal panel, which I took out of another Tasmanian Tiger backpack
– smoke “grenades”
this are cheap airsoft smoke grenades, which are very cool because
they are small and lightweight and produce some smoke
to get attention
– emergency blankets, also mentioned in the first part, which are very important
they take minimum space but give you plenty of heat
don´t forget about them
in the main section of this compartment we put 2 big modules
the pouches are from lbx it´s the medium mesh pouch
– carinthia survival rain suit, is what we put in there
jacket and pants and it will be issued as far as I´m aware of
also has an NSN number
We also made a video about the jacket, check it out when you are interested in it
the jacket could be easily upgraded that you could use it also when you use a plate carrier
isn´t important for this right now, but is a cool video
next module is the first aid module
I just go through it quick
You know what shall be in a first aid kit already
I just put it in this lbx pouch because it has velcro
regulary I would prefer a waterproof bag but I have a ziplock bag for this now
and also packed the different parts of it as well
the main set is a tatonka first aid kit and I upgraded it with a scalpel and a
nailscissors and an IV needle
scissors, gloves, swat tourniquet
a little bit of burn gel which I think is important
and what actually is missing in here is some of your personal medication
against vomiting and nauseaness
and diarrhea, that is all missing in here, I just have aspirin in there right now
that is the first aid kit
and just like that we are into the main compartment
so let´s start with the mesh pouches first
top pouch has a map of germany in it
in 1:1.000.000 which isn´t the best scale
but as a general overview map it´s not bad, I know my area very well
but this is when you will be out of your area. it´s packed waterproof
in the middle mesh pouch are already mentioned ziplock bag and trash bags
out of part one video
where we said is a must have for waterproof storage or transportaion
bags like this you can´t have enough
in the lower mesh pouch I put part of my electroics
the other part we already had, which been the batteries, here I stored a power bank
this is a noname product I purchased from amazon because it has good rating
I know you shouldn´t buy there but sometimes you just have to
Had good rating, integrated solar panel and good power
as well as an integrated flashlight
what is really cool about this is that it could be induction charged
I have a cable with me as well but also just could put my phone on top of it
and it will get charged what also was a reason to get
this specific power bank
Who want´s to know more details about something just put it in the comments
but also check out the blog, the link to it
is in the video discription
and there you´ll find everything listed and detailed with links etc
and if you won´t find your answer there feel free to ask in the comments
Further I have an inlay module
I´ll talk about the module here shortly but let´s start with the front first
this is the winter set up
the bags are from NFM out of norway
they cost me a shit ton of money
because I thought they are in the EU, so 11€ and 2x7€ plus shipping 20€ and customs 20€
so the total was around 70€ for just a few pouches which kicked me in the balls
but there was nothing like that, so TT or whoever else watching this
mesh pouches with velcro to organize something like this
big gap on the market so make them, pleeeeeease
in this pouch I have a regular GI poncho liner in woodland
as a blanket for the winter
this is a very cool jacket, I´m also a big fan of the Carinthia LIG but this here
is from the british military called buffalo suit
it´s part of the thermal clothing of the brits
which comes in a nice coyote and is a half zip jacket
is very cool and you could get it at ebay very cheap
matching to this I have the pants as well
just as another layer, it has a light fleece lining
which gives you another lightweight but warming layer
which you could use in combination with the poncho liner for sleeping
without freezing to death
this is a very cool clothing line what the brits have there
now you can see the inlay plate
Tasmanian Tiger has one themselves, but we haven´t had it so far, that´s why
we use the miltec inlay plate for now
which is really not bad I have to say
I was very surprised about that
on the one side you have vertical MOLLE
on the other side it is horizontal
and all covered with velcro
and of course you could use both sides of it as well
and fits perfect in this trooper pack here
on the other side I arranged my tools
let´s start at the top
I have to say I don´t know where I put my fiskars saw
– I was a huge fiskars fan
and have the Heimwert folding saw here, again from amazon, excuse me for this
and this one is also very robust
and did a good job at the last camps we had
but I also want to take a look at the silky stuff because I think
they make awesome saws as well
but folding saw is with it and important
– Mora knife, everybody knows them I think
just a bit of velcro on the back of the sheath
and just like that you could use it as a module as well
that it won´t get lost inside the backpack
– leatherman Charge, we already presented you this as well
which has a safe place in my bug out bag
– matching bit sets for the leatherman
– ammo holder from Tasmanian Tiger
which works perfect for chemlights
Yes I do know that chemlights should not be stored open
but I use them so often, everyone who has kids knows the deal
the get replaced so often that I could put them in unpacked
If that´s not the case with you store them packed
– solar panel from Sun kingdom
it has 3 solar panels and give you good power, further
it has some loops to mount it on your backpack
could be put directly to your powerbank and gives you 19,5 watts
there are plenty of other panels out there, but in general this is not a bad piece to put in your bag
especially for the vehicle bug out bag
So now we are in the real main compartment
– in the side pockets I have some gloves from Outdoor research
I think these are the Sensor gloves
they are really warm and very nice to wear
and you could use smart devices with them as well
I used them for several winters so far and still think it´s an awesome glove
further I have a fleece beanie from the US ARMY in it
and toilet paper
waterproof packed
also very important
when the wet wipes ran out, it´s always good to have some spare toilet paper
– this is another lbx medium mesh pouch
in it I have my hygiene kit
I have to say that I had to remove the t-shirt out of this for another video
it will contain a t-shirt and underwear to replace what you wear
you don´t want to see my underwear, further there is some creme in it
and an outdoor foldable toothbrush
which I don´t know how to open, ohh here we go
you could also use other toothbrushes of course
and this are the basics for hygiene in this pouch
– food and water, and this is something I forgot
to mention earlier,
if you have a vehicle bug out bag it is not your only resource, especially in the car
you should be very careful with food and water, because of very high or low temperatures
because this will get bad very fast and easy, so it would be recommended to change it daily
I use to take 2-3 bottles of water with me in the car
and I will add them to this bag in the case of cases, that´s why here is not much food attached
as well as water, not that you wonder and ask yourself
what will he do without water and food, this is stored seperate in the car
same like a sleeping bag, shovel and two to three other tools
so this comes on top of this done bug out bag
no let´s go into the module food and water
– I have in there a nalgene bottle with 0,4l
I looked a long time to find this titanium mug, which is a Snowpeak
300, so who i also looking for soemthing like that.
the nalgene 400 fits into the snowpeak 300 and holds tight like you could hear
it´s not big but good enough if you want to warm something up
– foldable stove
also a noname product,
which I just want to try out, we also presented you the Bush Box
this is how it looks like, I will add the link in the describtion
it´s out of titanium and very lightweight and the best solution in my opinion for a vehicle bug out bag
because it doesn´t take much space and weights not much
– Sawyer water filter
with a matching CNOC bag where i could
fill water in and press it through the sawyer
and also from Sawyer 3 empty bags
to store the filtered water
– a straw
– coffee filters, I also explained why I use them in the first video
you could use them as a prefilter, I don´t drink coffee so I don´t care
– a little bit of tea
it´s nothing else, here you can see it´s bagged tea
so no drugs, we don´t do drugs here
– plenty of dextroenergy
which is plain dextrose
– some more trashbags
– energy bars, 4 in my case waterproof packed, they also get exchanged regulary
so much to the food and water module
the last two modules are survival and protection
in combination, this are the small lbx mesh pouches
– a world reciever,
from Freeplay, I have this radio for so long
it got a crank on it to get it powered up
and produce some energy for the integrated flashlight,
also it has a solar panel and an antenna for the radio
it gives you additional light and you could hear what is going on around you
it´s a nice gimmick which shouldn´t be missing
– as a slingshot it put the pocket shot with a few steel balls in it
not really for protection but more for fun
it´s a cool item, put a ball in, pull it back and let it fly
makes a lot of fun
– triangle cloth
Stefan told me to say it correct because there are huge misunderstandings in german with this specific cloth
it´s the german army triangle cloth
– paracord as much as you think you might need and a bit more
– sunscreen and insect repellant
– the titanic whistle
i just do it as quiet as possible otherwise Stefan might die
from ITW nexus it is really loud
– Exotac match holder waterproof
– a pen
– Exotac lighter holder waterproof
I recommend “BIG” lighters they are the best in my opinion
the are waterproof in this case, I used to wrap a bit of ducttape around just in case
which gives you a bit extra ducttape as well
it´s stored safe in this holder and is waterproof
– more ducttape
– tampons
when females see this you know for what they are, for males it´s perfect to make fire with
very recommended for every bug out bag
– micro flashlight
this is what the small batteries in the battery box are for
– fishing line
or better said nylon line
– sewing thread
– plan pointer, I will add the link to them in the describtion as well
– magnifying glass
– Exotac firestarter
it has a little compartment at the top of it for tinder
– condom for water transportation
let´s take it all out otherwise it will take forever
Stefan says already: “Time is money,
we need to hurry up!”
– ESEE survival card
– signal stickers which you could stick on or to something
which will reflect very good
I think it´s also good to have them
– small fishing chem lights
– water disinfection tablets
– aluminum foil
– paper to write soemthing on it
in this case rite in the rain
– shrink-wrap
and here is something else, this is a mini scalpel
more of a toy but better to have a spare blade than none
here I used this battery cases again
which are awesome because they are waterproof
and also you could organize better
in one box I have a fishing kit
you know that you just could fish with a license or in an emergency situation
it is also out of the survival set I mentioned, here are swimmers
fishing line and everyting else you might need
for fishing besides the fishing rod of course
hooks and everyting else is in it
this was the fishing box, the other one is the tinder box
in it I have tinder which is waxed cotton wool,
waxed hemp rope,
some steel wool,
and some small ruber pieces from a tube
this is all stuff that burns well
and is all stored in this tinder box
and for the end
I have another box which contains
– the ESEE AH1 arrow
don´t know why I bought it but I thought it´s cool
maybe I could built something cool out of it
but it is in there
– trap wire, just a bit of it
also building traps are not allowed in Germany, just for your information
– kevlar rope
– sewing needles
– saftey needles
– some nails
– and a small compass you could swallow
worst case scenario you swallow it, but still have a compass with you
you just have to move in the correct position
or you wait a few days for it to come out again
and you could inherit it to your son who could also carry it in his stomach and so on
jokes beside, but also important to have one with you
So that´s it Ladies and Gentlemen
This was the presentation of the vehicle bug out bag
the Modular Trooper Pack is totally empty as you could see
I hope we could give you a good overview
as mentioned before it´s just an example what could be put in a bug out bag
and with equipment that works for us
It´s not the non plus ultra
it´s how we did it
write in the comments what you added to your bug out bag
what is missing in this set up
or what could be removed
When you like the video leave us a like and like always
L.A.G. like us, subscribe us, hit the bell button
See you all next time

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