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  1. I say you missed a coverall prefer a winter one. A chance of clothes. To change in and out of if u are stranded for a lil time . Things to u can hand wash to keep fresh

  2. If you have a lifted truck a jack might be needed if the jack it comes with does raise up high enough to change a tire. Good luck packing that though.

  3. This is the absolute best video I've seen on the issue of automobile preparedness.

    I would include a basic car repair kit: screwdrivers, sockets, etc. I also have one of those gardener kneeler foam pads in case I have to kneel on gravel or payment, so inexpensive and valuable. Finally, baby wipes have lots of uses.

  4. Adjustable spanner has very little use because it is too big. You need a set of combination wrenches in that kit. Best to know which nuts and bolt sizes you have and what accessibility is required to get to them.