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and good morning everyone how you doing what
you don’t know is that the last two days i’ve
been busting my butt to get the house prepared
to leave it for up to 10 10 or 11 months so
you can see all the christmas decorations are
now gone i mulched i’ll show you i mulched
all of the leaves and then i mowed all of the
lawns around the property i just mulched it and
let it lie there so i think it’ll work as you know
kind of good fertilizer this spring when the grass
grows back i’ve been doing a lot of stuff and i’m
also learning from my mistakes i’m a first time
homeowner and so even though i was only gone five
months this last time i learned a lot in those
five months and so we’ll go inside and i’ll show
you some of the changes i’m gonna be making but
just so you know um this is my last day here
at base camp for 2020 because okay videos are
a little delayed i think you’re getting ready to
to um celebrate new year’s eve okay and i am going
to be celebrating new year’s eve in a different
state in fact so uh by the way i’m uploading this
video with nomad internet link below in the video
description if you need some mobile unlimited
internet foreign nomad i’ll be taking it with me
uh yeah let’s go inside and i’m gonna wait till
the very last minute tomorrow morning to turn off
all of my arcade system because i am really going
to miss it see it was weird when i left in in june
because i was thinking oh no is it okay to leave
the house should i leave the house is everything
going to be okay this time it’s like man i’ve made
this house a home i’m gonna miss it i don’t miss
it we’ll see you never know uh as for my eye issue
with the stye and pinkeye and all that today is
the last day of my antibiotics i have one more
pill here and i’m going to zoom in and show you
sorry for that but this eye as you can see is not
perfect this is the fifth time this has happened
and i don’t i don’t know what’s going on i will
say that it’s less painful it doesn’t look any
better to me i mean i can just wear sunglasses
or wear an eye patch for the rest of my life but i
got to see a specialist uh down south because it’s
not this isn’t working you know that’s it’s just
not working for me but all right in the kitchen
well first of all let me point out when i got back
there were a couple places in the house that had
some evidence of mildew or possibly even mold
most importantly was this closet in here which
i had left this open like this
all summer this was wide open
and there was still mold on a few of my cases my
leather jackets i had to wash all those down so
obviously this room needs to stay mildew and
mold free with my mickey mouse collection
let me show you what i got i think pretty much
everyone in an rv is pretty familiar with these
damp red containers that uh prevent
musty odors and moisture damage
see there’s a picture of an rv and a boat up there
i got the big honkin ones i got four of these
and i’m going to strategically put them around
the hou the other end of the house gonna put one
in the bedroom i’m gonna put one in the mickey
room i’m gonna put one in the hallway with the
bathroom door open right there where the furnace
blows but for the main portion of the house
i actually went to home depot and i got a
dehumidifier before you say anything crazy i did
a lot of research guys i got this one specifically
because of a few things it is digital up here
it is completely automatic can you see pump that’s
right this one has a pump so unlike some that have
a reservoir in here that you have to fill every
once in a while this one has a pump that you
put the external hose into the back of it and then
normally it will just be here in the sink draining
but right now i’m doing a little test so i’ve got
it down here because i want to see how many pints
it does a day so today is my big test day to see
how it performs but the other main reason why i
got this model this is a ge model dehumidifier is
because it has automatic restore which means when
if the power goes out for any reason here at
the house and then comes back on it saves all
of these settings automatically turns it back on
with my saved settings and turns the pump back on
other models like this you have to physically turn
it back on select everything and hold this down
for three seconds to turn the pump back on meaning
once the power goes out with one little windstorm
this is completely useless and not going to turn
back on so this one is a continuous running one
i think it was 219 dollars at home depot and
uh it’s gonna sit right here and keep the main
portion of my house moisture free with all of my
uh arcade games and everything but really it’s for
2500 square feet it will pull 50 pints of
moisture a day 50 pints of moisture a day
from a 2500 square foot house and this
is just a 770 square foot house so
i think it’s going to work really well and
i’m really really hoping that when i get back
next year whenever that is that uh things are
gonna be better in the house just having a
hard time closing up shop and saying goodbye but
let’s see what else um i gotta turn the water off
i’ve got to turn the propane off for the
hot the water heater i’m going to set the
thermostat to 50 in here to keep the house at
50 degrees here in the winter while i’m gone
um what else erk what am i forgetting i’m
going to cover the extra wood with a tarp
so that that doesn’t get moldy and damaged that
way when it come back i’ll have some wood to burn
got to put everything away in the storage shed
which i have a lock and i have my simply safe
alarm on the shed over there connected to the
simply safe in the house and lastly this guy
i’m not ready to say yay or nay yet you guys know
these portable tanks are kind of handy on the road
sometimes you stay at places that don’t have full
hookups so you have to drain your rv with this
and then it comes with an attachment that hooks
to a ball hitch that right there that you can
take this to where it needs to be dumped that’s
not why i got it though i got it so that i can
empty my tanks of my rv here at base camp rather
than adding an extra sewer line because the rv’s
over there septic is over there i’m not going to
show you this poopy mess but before i leave today
i’m going to wheel this over to the rv pull my
black pull my gray fill this up walk it over here
i’m going to lift up this lid right here and i’m
going to dump my poo directly into my septic and
while i’m gone i do have my septic aerator
plugged into the house on a timer it’s gonna
run the aerator for an hour a day every single day
while i’m gone i’ll fill up my rb’s uh water tank
one last time and then put the insulator cover on
this turn the water off here at the streets and
what i haven’t decided about the waste tank
is it has a mount that mounts up on the ladder
i always thought it looks really crummy up there i
don’t think i’m gonna do it but let me get back to
you because the first time i get somewhere and
need it i’m gonna be like man eric you had one
you should have just brought it right yeah yeah
so i was running the dehumidifier here plugged
in just to see how many watts it draws i’m
using my kilowatt meter over there and it was
it was running 60 watts for just the fan to
analyze the air 60 watts but i wasn’t able to
get it to pull any moisture because the lowest
setting you can set it to is uh 35 humidity so
went ahead and uh boiled up some water here in my
cast iron mate forcing some humidity to get sucked
in here and get blown out and now we’re reading
let me see that 511 watts 511 so not nearly as
bad as an air conditioner that’s full blast fan
on high the most it’ll ever draw is 500 watts
i can deal with that to keep uh humidity down
here in the house we getting any water in here um
no still no water in there so all the water is
still uh collecting it in the basin in here but
once it once it gets to you know that mark right
there will be good uh you can see i got some
fire going on out there i was just gonna burn
garbage but now i’m gonna burn a little bit of
the wood around here too so i can have a fire
tonight also i’m actually buffing my butt here
today this is crazy it’s just a lot to do i’ve
gotten comfortable over the last two months here
at the house but i’m folding up the last little
bit of laundry in here i’m also doing my last load
of laundry with the comforter and stuff drying
some clothes once this gets transferred over
we’re going to be done with the washing machine
for a while and i’m just kind of using a hamper
to to bring stuff back out into the rv and stuff i
gotta gotta go through the fridge and freezer now
not a whole lot in here i gotta make that bacon
too but yeah i’ll just keep at it here my goal
is to have the house completely emptied into
the rv what’s gonna go before it gets dark
it won’t be organized in the rv then once
it gets dark i’m gonna enjoy the fire for
a little bit play a few more little video games
lock up the house and then spend several hours
in the rv put it all together get some sleep
and hit the road first thing in the morning
okay a couple hours later still not getting
anything coming out of this hose although
it is still pulling the max let’s find out what’s
going on here if i can do this uh one-handed here
okay you can see there’s water in there also
you can see it dripping and there’s the drain
hose so it hasn’t even filled up to that
point yet i need to put this back in hang on
cause problems here okay so it’s definitely
working it’s definitely filling but yes it
has to get above that one point to where it’s
gonna start draining so this does work awesome
all right that’s what it’s going to look like got
it weave down in there and i actually pinched it
through that middle metal base right there so it’s
pinched it’s very sturdy it ain’t going nowhere
we shouldn’t have a problem but again i did bring
my water detector leak detector to the kitchen
area here which is connected uh via my smart app
there on simply safe back to work all right it’s
getting dark outside last load of laundry’s done
going to unplug the dryer and uh i’m all done
with all the water here so i’m going to turn off
all the individual water faucets behind here in
the bathroom in the kitchen and then turn off the
main water and then we’ll go outside and have fire
missed my washer and shredder got
my burn barrel here going strong
really really warm being next to this i’m gonna
leave those uh shrubs and branches over there till
till next year enjoy this for a little
bit kind of bittersweet in a lot of ways
it’s very very quiet tonight
it’s always quiet out here but
feeling a lot of emotions right
now feeling a lot of emotions
but stay with me because we’re going to be in
another state here at the end of this video
i need one last hurrah okay one last quarter
in every single machine okay okay okay
i’ve only had one officer here
ah sorry motorhome i just smeared that motor home
oh man my bad that’s true truckers don’t
like motorhomes so that actually makes
where you going
hey no drinks on the floor
see right
they gonna ban me from this casino
oh last quarter
all right going for mickey
route 66. oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy
winner winner chicken dinner all right time to
uh shut her down till next time game room wow
wow look at this adorable little snuggle
monster all snuggled up with himself i really
want to poke him he’s like don’t do it dad i’m
comfortable dad don’t you do it dad i’ma do it jax
but you’re so precious and cute i can’t
resist just can’t resist you you’re so cuddly
and get some sleep okay you go ahead and get
some sleep i’m gonna organize the rv okay
all right man i’m gonna put the trash can out
by the road tomorrow there’s one more pickup
not on new year’s day but apparently they’re
coming on sunday and then they’re gonna take the
bin away um some interesting things have been
happening the last couple hours actually guys
i started thinking about everything as far as
texas and arizona i just said eff it basically
i don’t want to go i don’t i’m changing my plans
like the second before i leave i’m not doing
arizona i’m not doing texas um i don’t think i’ll
enjoy it i’ll miss some of my friends but i mean
yeah changing things up right now letting you know
all right let’s pop back here in the house
yeah i’m gonna sleep in the rv tonight so um
we’ll cut back in the morning hook up tater tot
get the heck out of here all right goodnight well
good morning we’re all hooked up that means you
know what that means lights are still working
how about we go to tennessee today all right you
went over there little goober that’s not your seat
that’s not where you sit while we’re driving
you big putts with the butt’s butt spots butts
look at this we’re on the road there’s
a tater tot being towed behind us uh-huh
i feel better already you know that sunshine it
is currently 26 degrees here in illinois and by
the time i get parked in about three and a half
hours the low is 55 the high is 62 in tennessee
okay two hands there two hands on the wheel
please in about one mile here we’ll be crossing
over the mississippi river one last time and
getting into missouri where gas prices are about
50 to 60 cents a gallon cheaper than here
in illinois so uh we’re on the other side of
this bridge goodbye ellen wall see you next time
looks a little muddy over there in the mississippi
and go under this green bridge and we are now
officially in missouri everyone a little green
sign coming up right above us missouri state linus
said oh yeah now that we put on about exactly 100
miles i want to stop up here and check in on tater
tots make sure everything’s ever okay back there
all right just giving everything a quick uh
peekaroo and everything seems to be just fine
and dandy here on the car yep oh and also see
how level it is told you guys i was up on the
jacks that day this is perpendicular and level you
do not need a drop down hitch at this point right
here look at this guys a dollar 93 a gallon with
my good sam’s card here at flying a dollar 93. i
think that’s the cheapest i’ve paid all year maybe
texas in february i’m not sure but let’s fill her
up now 120 miles to go to get to tennessee for the
night i’ll do some driving no i said i’ll do the
driving you go ahead and just be a cat sounds good
all right one more pit stop it’s warming up i know
you probably can’t tell but it is warming up we’re
up to a balmy 44 degrees hey not freezing though
i’m back to shorts and a t-shirt here that’s
right i’m looking forward to it man uh i’m in
arkansas but i’m not spending a whole lot of
time here i don’t i don’t really like arkansas
right now arkansas is right up there with new
mexico as far as i’m concerned they have this
awesome rest area with you know 12 urinals
and toilets all spread out shut it all down
put in one porta potty for everyone to use outside
because port-a-potties magically can’t have kovid
all right let’s go to tennessee all right well
made it to memphis and it’s now 53 degrees i
could not be happier except not gonna be able
to overnight park here at the tennessee or the
memphis welcome center they’ve made some uh new
rules here new new signs yeah look at those brand
new spanking signs two hour parking for rvs so
you can only rest for two hours if you’re in an rv
kind of sucks because if you’re in a car you
get the normal tennessee 24 hour over there
so this is no longer like a welcome happy
place there’s a bunch of car parking over
there but they are i have no idea why
all the cars keep parking in the rv slots
i don’t know anyway actually i know exactly
what i’m gonna do a couple years ago i was
here i boondocked over at the the pyramid the
bass pro shop so that’s what i’m going to do
i’m going to close this one out guys i want to
wish you a happy new year and a safe new year
if you’re like me i’m pretty excited about
a new year coming it can’t possibly be any
worse than 2020 right kick it out of here and
bring in 2021 be safe out there guys jackson
i’ll see you in two days on january 1st with
an update on the travels be well guys bye-bye

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