9 thoughts to Survival Gear Catalog Where Can I Purchase At 17:43

  1. This is ridiculous. this is your true “every day carry”. … You definitely don’t need that many knives. This video should’ve been titled “what happens to be in my gear testing backpack today”.

  2. Goddamm hope you dump 10 blade's and keep your leatherman.
    Look forward for a new video of you pack.

  3. david you are the coolest dude on utube bud you think and do like i do thats really cool to me i just turned 51 this year and have built custom knives for the last 36 years and have bean bushcrafting all my life my grand father tought me he was half cherokee and half german and was a sharp shooter in ww2 thats the same ase a snipper now days but yes all the stuff i see on line i have done all my life thanks to my grand father he showed me things i still have not seen even dave canterburry dont know the things i know i learned from a old timer that lived cherokee off the land all his life to like this did you know the cherokee mostly farmed and when they hunted they mostly used a blow gun and some times a long bow but mostly blow gun for rabbits and other critters all the way down to bull frogs and they wher expert with a spear and fished with a spear and made baskets and just fished but he tought me all he could about our people love the videos bud