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  1. @tyu76540 why would I do that? It's an awesome knife that works great for everything I need and I happen to be a Bear Grylls fan. Your personal bias towards the man should have no effect on my opinion either way. Thanks for yours but I'll be keeping the knife.

  2. This survival stove is a part of the personal equipment from the Swiss Army, not Norway 😉

  3. I have a question. The first firesteel I bought,when I striked it in just one place,it created an arch,where the tip was thicker and the belly or middle of it was thin and ready to break off. Any reasons why?

  4. question the shelter how did you make it ? i really wanna know it may sound dumb but for my needs ( i hike and dissapper a alot in the woods behind my house for hunting) it be prefect can you explain or make a video on how to make that shelter?

  5. Great vid, just happenstance from your recent vid on your knives. Very educational everything here. Need to get my shit together & get a bugout/survival bag together…thanks again, keep them vids rolling!!

  6. Just came across your channel. Excellent Vid! I especially enjoyed your 'tips'; using the canteen cup to collect water-keeping the canteen clean; keeping your back to the wind while building fire-smoke blows away; putting tools and items back after use-not dropping on ground. My experiences taught me, a bit of OCD goes a long way. A major key, as you know, is doing things in ways that give you psychological power/control in your situation. Fire and shelter building, food gathering to list three, while meeting basic needs, empower you. The more tasks you can do which empower you, the more confident you are and the better able you become to survive and thrive. ' Keep on keeping on..'

  7. Your set up is good but the front of your poncho shelter needs to be a little higher to allow heat convex to escape a little better other wise you will have a lot of condensation under it and then it will be like sleeping directly in a rain storm with no rain out side but water dripping inside you will get soaked my old Di would skin me alive for setting up my poncho shelter opening that close to the ground your back is OK but the entrance needs to be higher by about a foot more also what are you putting under it to protect you from body heat loss into the ground?