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  1. you showed the typical problem encountered when using a small wood fired cooking stove, having all your ducks in a row. sort of the Wok Cooking approach, have your cooking ingredients prepped beforehand and ready to go. thanks for showing this stove in action..

  2. It is so sad that you have to tell people "it IS a wood stove so its going to be hot . . .". I guess common sense isn't so common. Great review!

  3. Love the stove but 2 lbs seems a bit heavy. No the price of the SS is already way too high, I sure I can't afford the titanium. Anyway, I would consider buying this stove if they included the over pouch. It just seems to make the co feel kinda greedy to charge an EXTRA $16 on an already overpriced product. . I only say this so maybe if they hear this kind of feedback they will see that a lot more peo would buy this stove (as it is a quality one); either at a more reasonable price or at least w an included, very much, needed outer case. Anyway Bryan, you do the best reviews regardless of who does what first. Thank you for the heads up on this product. Ok I made my decision, if u gonna carry 2 lbs, I decided to go w the UCO Flatpack 'mini'. More versatility, carry case n $30ish. It was a tough decision cuz I really do love this stove but I guess I'll see if I made the right decision.

  4. I'm against having such a pot on an open fire. Wash off soot for longer than you cook. Yes, look at the stove, which has no flaws!
    Surely you will appreciate:

  5. I have the Version 2 & the Nano, they're great products. I would recommend them to everyone (unless they're prone to burning fingers)!