5 thoughts to Survival Gear Checklist Pdf Buy Best Price For Sale At 12:39

  1. Great test of it. I also like that you searched after fixes after you found it wanting in some area's.
    Thank you for sharing.
    All the best, Rob

  2. Man I totally agree – some of those vids out there are totally goofy – "this light is the best now please buy it from me on Amazon now" – give me a break 😀 And now I am professional flashlight abuser like you! LOL! Excellent review buddy.

  3. Mine dropped from waist high trying to reholster and the led popped, the only mode that works is moonlight mode. I contacted thrunite multiple times and finally they sent me a replacement. So now it's not my edc light or work light it's my nite stand lite. Thanks for sharing brother.

  4. Good stuff! The TN12 2014 is in my EDC pack, and I haven't had any problems, but I didn't beat it either. Great light for the money, bright, long lasting, rugged, and it takes 18650 batteries or 2 CR123s. I run the rechargeable 18650 to save money, and I can pack extra CR123s for backup power.