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Hi everyone and welcome in “50 nuances d’EDC” (“50 shades of EDC”)
And it won’t happen very often , I promess you,
We are going to unbox a big batch of EDC items
Before we start, let me explain a bit the “why”
I won, because i’m extremely lucky
an Instagram Giveaway
So the name of the instagram accont thanks whom I won the prize is on the screen
So I won an awesome prize of EDC gadgets
And I’m extremely happy and excited !
This unbowing will allows you to see
lots of items I woulnd’t have show you in normal circumstances
and moreover, you could tell me
in the comments
if there are some items that you are interested in, so I’ll do a review of them
Because i don’t want to make a review
and an unboxing at the same time, with items that I don’t know well
It makes no sense !
If you want some of these items’ review, I’ll will EDC them
for one, two, three month
and that I will test in life situation
I don’t want to make any review if I don’t know and haven’t try the items
Let’s open the box with
a Ganzo – i know, it’s chinese quality –
but i do like my Ganzo !
I promess you, there will be a video,
I’ve been testing it for about 2 months,
so review will come verry soon !
Let’s go !
I’m anxious, I don’t want to “cut” what’s inside

Cardboard !
I love cardboard, it’s my passion
it’s what i like the most in life, haha

A Leatherman totebag
Very corporate, haha !
I will really use it to do shopping, ’cause it is bigger than the one that i have !

I know what is inside the box, but i’ve only seen a few picture

Stainless steel bottle ! I don’t know if it’s isothermal, i’ll have to try
Cool !

It is a special belt
lot’s of “edc people” like it, i saw on social networks
I don’t already know if i’ll keep it,
beacause it’s L size,
and if it’s men size, i wear XS
so unfortunately i don’t think it’s gonna fit well…
I’ll wear it to check !
However, the quality feels super premium
I really think it’s super strong
A leatherman sticker
A little Leatherman box, I know it’s a Micra inside
because he told me
I’m so excited to have one !
Because it’s exactly the kind of item I would have buy
It’s so tiny !
About the size of a Bic Lighter I think

It’s awesome !
I’ll carry it with me and do a review,
it’s assured

I love this thing !

Then, we have…
It’s a belt pouch
an EDC organizer
It looks cool !
Again, i feel its premium quality
It’s the kind of items i’ll use
Here is another pouch

I’ll have to check how to use it
i didn’t want to be spoiled
Mec Army
I guess it’s a knife !
I don’t know if I’ll do a review about knives, tell me if you’re interested or not
It’s so thin !
So, so thin..
Oh it doesn’t
have a locking system
I like it !
It looks so good !
Tell me if you’re interested in a review about this knife

If you’re not, I won’t do it, I’m not sure…
And below it’s… an impact tool
it’s maybe…
oh ! Maybe not !
I don’t exactly know if it’s too big for my small hands or not
I have tiny fingers !
It feels great in hands
I’ll see !

I love this thing, how don’t know how it’s called in French
I only know the brand, it’s a kind of…
Not exactly a tissue neither a chief…
I don’t really know !
There are two ?!
Ohhhh ! There are two !
made of microfiber for cleaning
phone screen, glasses …
They are beautiful !
I looked at what makes this brand
And there are lots of different pattern, and they do super nice looking stuff
Look at the stitching !
Finishing touches are awesome
I’ll also try it, but i already see that the microfiber is super good quality
So there’s this one, with black microfiber inside
And the red
again black microfiber
Look at the details !
Super cool !
It’s not something that I would have bought,
but i’m so happy to have one,
and i’ll use it, for sure !
Always more corporate
Leatherman goodies !
I’m laughing, but I love this brand,
so, i’m so happy to have some Leatherman goodies.
A small note book
Nothing’s more “notebooky” (it means nothing I know, either it does it french !)
Ohhh… I know what it is !
It’s a small fixe blade

I love it ! So small, perfect for my hands !
Exactly the kind of knife that I love
It’s made by a young guy, we’re the same age, he’s 19.
And it looks super clean !
I’ll put all Instagrams
of brands and people
who’re involved in the video, if you are interested
He makes lots of cool things, and he’s a nice guy !
Maybe for a little neck knife
i think it would be great !
Not as en EDC, but when I’m hiking
it would be exactly what i like to wear
Super confortable
Thanks to paracord handle. And it’s quite lightweight
Kydex have a great retention
Exactly what I love !
A Leatherman pin’s
Is it the micra ?
Oh no, it’s the “tool”, the “original” Leatherman !

I love goodies ! It’s a bit useless but i love it !
You know it …
The RovyVon Aurora A5

I wear mind around my neck
You know what i think about this tiny flashlight
If you haven’t seen the video yet
I don’t spoil you, i put the link at the top
Here are some paracord lanyards
always useful !
I don’t already know where i’ll put them

I think beads are glowing in the dark
Made by the same person who ties paracord lanyard
they are also glowing in the dark

I think i’ll put them to my backpack zippers to see them in the dark
Super cool!
A knife !

super soft…
And super comfortable
A small leather wallet
again, exactly what i like !

It’s super hard, though !
I’ve my every day wallet that i use when i carry my backpack
but when i don’t use my backpag, it’s a bit too big
So this one looks good !
I’ll defenitly try it ! Maybe won’t do a review, because it’s “just” a wallet
If you want a review, tell me in the comments ! (yes even in english)
A knife sheath
Made of thick brown leather

I’ve an earbud carry made of the same style of leather
Cool for a leather theme EDC, would be great !
Theme EDC are quite commun in the US, not often in France…
For a knife it will be perfect
Small paracord lanyard
Snake knot, i think
Hum, smells good !
Here is a small …
in english they all it a “pry bar”, I don’t even knox how to say it in french
* trying to find the french name*
With a paracord lanyard to improve the grip
Perfect size for me !
It’s not sharp, it’s only made
to use it as a pry tool
and avoid destroying knives, flat screwdrivers and everything else that is not meant to be a pry tool
With another paracord lanyard
So it’s made by the same guy who made the knife
this one
We have a tiny multitool
Is it made of titanium ?
It seem so lightweight ! It may be titanuim…
Sooo lightweight ! I think it’s titanium
Bottle opener,
a “hex hole”, i think it’s the size of screwdriver bit
And a little “clic” to wear on the belt
Here i may put my keys or something like that

I’ve a knife that has almost the same colors
Again, might be cool for a “theme EDC”
For Instagram pictures haha
A pouch, don’t know what’s inside
Another wallet !

Made of brown leather
I love this kind of leather
A little bit of paracord, that might goes with
the leather knife sheath
To make another
another lanyard with another knot
Here is a small…
a spinner i think
it is useless ! But
i enjoy this gadget ^^
The quality looks super great !

Made of leather, with a coin,
a “coin sheath”
for lucky charm coins
and coin toss !
I’m not, like supersttious, but i like it
It looks super cool !
I think i won’t wear it every day,
but it’s cool !
With a two-tone leather sheath
i’ve almost the same leather on my bracelet
Ah, not excatly…
Then there are all
stickers and business cards of those who were involved in the GAW
And then
almost “the best for the last”
I would definitly have buy it
a key bar ! I don’t know if you know this brand
It’s a key organizer
It’s super lightweight !

It’s seems to be so heavy because
it’s quite thick
Here is the clip to put in

I think i’ll do a review on it !
And this thing…They call it a “magnut” i think
or something like that
it’s a keyring magnet

To detatch you key quickly
So we’ve seen everything
it is crazy all the stuff that were inside the box !
Stay until the end, i’ll show you
every single item one by one to show you the details
and give you a global vision of were inside this big box !
I hope you enjoyed to discoverd all the items with me
I really liked to open this box
that i didn’t know the content
so it was cool !
See you soon ! In the next video, we will talk about knives
If you liked this one, give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing !

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