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  1. Oh, I don't know…They leak, they break, they don't work right when it's really cold, They run out of fluid. They aren't near as hot as a ferrorocium spark. 2000 lights? Of cigarettes, maybe. Not of lighting damp tinder bundles. I carry Djeep lighters, but I don't rely on them. Ferro rods are sure-fire lighters and they work in any condition.

  2. Religion is like a penis, it is ok to have one. It is ok to be proud of it and like it more than any other; but, don't go sticking it out there in public- it just ain't right, also, don't use it around children or anyone you have authority over, Thank you (a member of the general public at large)

  3. Suggestion for the thread, get some bobbins and string them with the thread, it will take up less room in your kit

  4. Ok, I'm the first to admit that I from time to time can be a bit annoyed with your videos – but that's my problem and I can just pause and watch another video instead. But what annoys the —- out of me is the ignorant religious fanatics you get littering your comment's field with plain stupid talk about "don't you believe in Jesus?" crap. Yes I say crap cause it's not something that is as clear to believe in as the evolution of species or the plain fact that earth orbits the sun. It's just a choice that some weak minded people make, to blame stuff and imagine the existence of something they can't prove exists. No, I don't call everyone that believe in religion nutcases .. just those that post here, since they really prove my point about them and their brainless crap they spew out here. As was said by another person ..have your religion as private as your sex .. you don't show it in public to people that hasn't asked to be shown it, and you don't shove it down other peoples minds .. especially not kids or weak minded people that can't be responsible for their descisions or what they hear or believe. Sorry about the rant .. but I really get upset with religious nutcases. They make me wanna ban religion all together, in order to get rid of this source of so many stupid ideas and causes of conflicts. My 50cents .. over and out!

  5. Hey Chris: I also live in Ohio, I do understand Dave Cantebury has his school in Jackson, Ohio, but how much does he charge for a 3-6 day Intermediate survival.

  6. I don't care much for Altoid tins for small survival items, have you considered Survival Resources out of NY. they have either silver or gold tone altoid sized tins, ( No advertising) also much like the Henry Arms survival aluminum cases carried by BEST GLIDE. Best Glide also sells signal mirrors etc.

  7. Did I miss it – no sheet for "*C*overing"?!

    I carry a mylar hypothermia sheet at the very least. Or do you carry one of those in a Self Aid kit? (I carry one in my EDC Pouch AND one in my Self Aid kit. The things can tear so easily as a shelter, just as well to have two – no weight/space.)