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  1. Thanks Bryan , now for the bad news i live in Australia , Victoria , Seaford . Soo im a long way away and yes i would love to own one of the ThuNight range of lights but over here there 2 to 4 times the cost . So a bit on the high side for an every day carry

  2. Giveaway every week :O cool man! nice you have a ''connection'' with my not only the best budget knife makers but also with the best ''budget'' flashlight makers 😀 that's whereimtalking about! you are awesome man, hope to win myself a cool flashlight 🙂

  3. Thanks for another video Brian. I don't think we need any extra incentives to watch your ever-entertaining channel, but a but if fun is always a nice bonus.

  4. so do you think that a thrunite with two batteries is better than one with one battery

  5. just reveived the thrunite Ti2v2, lot of power in a so small package ! Thank you

  6. Cool thing about the ti4 is that if you take a clean, dry, white, empty energy shot bottle the Ti4 will fit perfectly into the top of the shot bottle which makes a perfect diffuser for a makeshift lantern. Once you slide it into the bottle it fits so well you can hang the penlight from the top of your tent and the bottle will not fall off. It does fit inside with very little coercion. Seems like it's the suction, rather than the friction keeping it in. It is awesome!