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DIY Earthquake Emergency Kit What To Do Before During After Earthquakes prepping preparing shtf bug out bag emergency kit 72 hour
hi it’s Alaskaranny Alaska Prepper what’s one of the scariest emergencies that we can think
of prepping for to me it’s an earthquake they come with no warning we don’t know how big
they’re going to be how long they’re
going to last and how much damage
there’s going to be earthquakes if you live in the western part of the United States you’ve
probably experienced a few earthquakes
and that doesn’t mean though that if you
live somewhere else that you aren’t at
risk for an earthquake they happen all
over the world there’s earthquakes
happening every single day somewhere in
the world but most of them earthquakes are very faint and then we don’t feel them how strong do earthquakes need to be to feel them
earthquakes need to be approximately a three on the Richter scale for us to recognize that
an earthquake is taking place it’s important
prudent then for everyone to have an
earthquake preparedness kit prepping bug out bag emergency 72 hour kit and an
earthquake emergency kit can help you
through all kinds of emergencies not
just earthquakes but if you’re thinking
about that earthquakes could happen what
do I need to do what’s the first thing I
need to do to make sure that I’m going
to be okay in an earthquake then getting your gear
together is the first thing you might
want to put earthquake emergency supplies in a backpack because
sometimes our shelter becomes damaged in a quake we can’t stay there in our home we need to bug out we can grab our earthquake emergency bag bug out bag 72 hour kit and
we can evacuate a 5 gallon bucket also works great to store emergency supplies earthquake emergency kit you can get free buckets at the
grocery store fill them up as well free 5 gallon buckets are not as handy to carry around in an emergency evacuation bug out situation but 5 gallon buckets
are great at keeping your gear
together and storing emergency shtf bug out survival gear what’s the first
thing you need to do if you feel an
earthquake you need to drop duck and
cover and hold on get under something
like a table don’t run out side away from
wherever you are in an earthquake people trip and as they’re going out doors the doors can
slam and harm them bricks can fall off
and hurt you the best most prudent thing
to do is to get down under something and
hang on get under a table and hang on
things are going to be dropping
everywhere and that’s your safest bet is
to hold in place until it’s over the
first thing after an earthquake you need
to assess is first aid is anybody
injured because injuries can be very
extreme after an emergency there can be
people who are have tripped and fallen
broken their leg heavy things can fall
on them and crush them so it’s very
important that you have a substantial
first aid kit make it the first thing
you put into your DIY earthquake emergency bug out bag 72 hour kit preparedness kit learn first aid and be
prepared to help those around you who
might need it after an earthquake you
also need to be completely aware of
damage there might be a gas leak do not
under any circumstances light anything
that has a flame because if there is a
gas leak it can cause a terrible
explosion you may have seen on the news
before we’re whole neighborhoods just
going up like a fireball because there
was a gas leak if you have natural gas
in your home figure out where your meter
is and get a tool that allows you to
turn off your gas meter but remember
it’s not something you practice you only
want to turn it off after an emergency
and then don’t turn it back on yourself
the reason you don’t want to turn it
back on different gas appliances have
pilot lights and if they go out when
you’ve turned the gas off and then you
turn it back on then it may be allowing
gas to escape in your home where it
wouldn’t have been otherwise so it’s
very important that you turn the gas off
and you leave it off until a
professional comes and examines your gas lines and your pilot lights you need a
pair of sturdy work gloves
there will be debris broken glass fallen
things you need to protect yourself from
further injury make sure you have a
sturdy pair of gloves and some sturdy
shoes to protect your feet what’s the
safest light source after an earthquake
flashlights and glow sticks glow sticks
you snap them and shake them and they
are completely contained within the
little tube and there’s nothing in them
that can start a fire they come with
hooks and a hole so you could string
them together hang them around there’s a
lot of ways you can use a glow stick to
light up an area
after an emergency like an earthquake hurricane tornado fire power outage no electricity
flashlights and headlamps are a great
way to have a source of light after an
earthquake emergency tornado hurricane power outage storm flood make sure you have extra batteries with your diy earthquake emergency kit
batteries in your preparedness kit a
headlamp is nice because you can put it
on your head it leaves both hands-free
to do any work clearing debris or
rendering first-aid or just finding your
way around a headlamp it is great have
a fire extinguisher in an emergency such
as an earthquake cars may not be able to
get through power lines are down water
lines might be broken and there may not
be any rescue workers available to come
and you need to be able to protect
yourself in the first line of defense
having a fire extinguisher is a
wonderful way to help ensure that if a
fire does break out that you can help
fight it first defense fire
extinguishers expire so make sure that
you’re checking it that it’s fully
loaded and then you want to remember
pass you want to pull the pin aim it
squeeze and sweep it across I made a
video about how to use a fire
extinguisher I’ll put a link to it so
you can learn more about that if your
home is damaged or you’re unsure if it’s
structurally safe seek shelter out of
doors that’s where it’s nice to have
something like a life bivy from Go Time Gear which is an
emergency sleeping bag Life Bivy from Go Time Gear is 7 feet long is 36 inches across and it will fit
nearly anyone inside this emergency
sleeping bag the inner layer is a
reflective fabric surface mylar emergency survival blanket to reflect back your
body heat it’s sealed up on three sides
you climb in and it can help protect you
from all kinds of inclement weather a
Life Tent from Go Time Gear is also a great idea because
this is like a tube tent it’s made out
of the same heavy-duty reflective
material as the Life Bivy from Go Time Gear but LIfe Tent from Go Time Gear is
large enough that several people could
shelter inside of it Life Tent comes with a
section of paracord so that you can
string it up between two trees two poles
from a porch rail you can spread it out
into a triangular tent shape then there
would be plenty of room to protect you
from all kinds of inclement weather rain snow cold wet
if it’s very hot and you need
protection from the Sun turn the Life Bivy or Life Tent from go time gear
inside out so the silver reflective
side is pointing away from you and
reflecting the heat of the Sun back away
from you and helping to keep you cool
put it in the shade if you can get some
in a very hot day try to use the natural
shade that’s around you and if there
isn’t any you can provide some for
yourself with something as simple as a
Life Tent from Go Time Gear signaling for help can be very
important and the nice thing about the
Life Bivy and the Life Tent from Go Time Gear is they
both come with a drawstring pouch and on
the end of the drawstring is an
emergency whistle it’s 120 decibels it’s
loud enough to signal and be heard I
made a video on how to signal for help with a whistle I’ll put a link to that video so that
you can learn how to signal with a
whistle if you’re trapped in an earthquake
emergency situation it’s nice to have
some emergency survival blankets some Poncho’s
maybe something as simple as a plastic
tarp black plastic garbage bags some
duct tape zip ties and paracord if your
home is damaged you can use some of
these items to cover over broken windows
or lay it over say if there’s a hole on
your roof from something fell through we
never know what the damage can be from
an earthquake so be prepared for lots of
fallen debris broken glass and perhaps
you’ll need to have a few things to
shelter and close up and protect
yourself from the elements the next
thing you need to worry about is water
lots of times in an earthquake the water mains will break or the water treatment plants the
mechanisms have been disturbed and the
water is no longer safe to drink your
first defense method to have enough safe drinking water is going to be the stored
water that you have make sure you’ve
stored at least one gallon per person
for several days earthquake rescue can
take longer than a lot of other types of
emergencies because the rescue crews
just can’t get through it can totally
knock out the infrastructure
the roads aren’t safe the water isn’t
safe the gas and electrical lines don’t
work there earthquakes can just be devastating to a wide range of an area so it’s
important that you have the water that
you need so that you can stay safe and
hydrated even if your water is still
running in your home it may be suspect not safe to drink get some water
treatment purification tablets there are
several different kinds available you
drop them in the water stir them around
and allow them to sip depending on which
water purification tablets you choose
Aquatabs Katadyn micropur MP1 water purifier purification tablets ones you use they need to sit in the
water for 30 minutes to four hours so
choose carefully and follow the
directions carefully so you make sure
you have safe water if you’re stuck out
of doors and you can only find wild
water that has lots of flock and it
flock is all of the floating debris and
matter a handy thing would be these P&G
purification water packets P&G purifier of water packets Day One Water Purification System Water Pouch scoop up
water in a bucket and each packet will
purify two and a half gallons so you can
scoop up two and a half gallons of water
in a bucket or something add this packet
and stir it for five minutes and then
wait 20 minutes the contents collect all
of the debris the bacteria the cysts and
even viruses and it sinks to the bottom
and all of the flock sinks to the bottom
into a brown layer at the bottom and the
water above it is safe to drink I took
some of these on a trip to Mozambique a
few years ago they came with a Day One Water Purification System Water Pouch water
backpack I’ll put a link to that video
so you can see how well these work in
the most extreme dirty water conditions
Day One Water Purification System Water Pouch P&G water purifier purification packets Day One Water Purification System Water Pouch
these things are something your life can
depend on and I highly recommend them
next you’re going to need some food this
isn’t a time to start cooking this is a
tear open and eat emergency situation
stock up on some shelf stable foods
canned foods packaged goods granola bars even something like a Datrex emergency ration food meal bar
emergency food that is designed
to have enough food in one package for
three days if you have pets make sure
you have some emergency food for your
pets in there if you have babies make
sure you have the food that they would
require make sure you have the things
that each family member would need does
someone in your family need prescription
medicine have some in your emergency kit
someone in your family need hearing aids
make sure that you have the batteries
for that as you go through your day day
to day life think about the things you
depend on the things you couldn’t get
along without and make sure some of that
is in your emergency DIY earthquake kit your bug out bag your 72-hour kit and any
kind of an emergency kit that you put
together tools pocket knives multi tools
even emergency can openers have some
hygiene supplies to help make your life
bearable until things get back to normal
if you’re basically trapped in your
neighborhood because of falling debris
fallen trees the streetlights don’t
work the roads are cracked from earthquake damage tornado hurricane power outage disaster an emergency radio can tell you
radio could be your lifeline to know
what’s going on I like the Eaton
Scorpion emergency radio flashlight because it’s wind-up it also
has a solar panel it has a flashlight it
has am/fm radio and Eton Scorpion emergency radio flashlight it includes a USB
USB charger if you needed to charge up your phone you could do that it has a nice
carabiner clip so you can hook it to
your backpack your belt loop or your
jacket have a way that find out what’s
going on make sure the USB cord fits
your phone then you’ll be able to charge
up your phone and be able to get in
touch with those that are most important
to you Eton Scorpion emergency radio flashlight wind up solar powered you also need a copy of your most
need copies of important papers always have a copy of your identification things like your
driver’s license your passport your
social security card your medical
information your insurance company your
bank information have a copy of that in
every single emergency bag that you need
we never know where we’ll be
or what emergency will be or which bag we might need
if you’re away from home have it with
your office emergency kit if you’re with
your in your car have it with your car
emergency kit the more ways we prepare
and the more things we’re prepared to
face the easier it is to deal with
what’s coming the more flexible we are
in our thinking that we can figure out
what to do next have a substantial
amount of cash in small bills you may be
able to buy some things that you need
you may be able to go and pay for a
hotel room in a safer location you may
be able to pay someone to drive you out
of an emergency area having cash on hand
with your emergency gear DIY earthquake kit can really be a
lifesaver before an earthquake hits where you live
put together an earthquake kit if you’ve
already put together other emergency
gears bug-out bags
get home kits 72-hour bags think about
them in terms of earthquakes how can I deal with the emergencies tornadoes hurricanes winter storms disasters fires power outages that are
specific to earthquakes that are
different from other kinds of
emergencies make sure you have that gear
in your kit as well and remember we
can’t predict earthquakes we never know
when they’re coming and that’s why we Prep
prepping we are Preppers because we’re
preparing to deal with whatever comes our way
learn more at
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