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  1. What exactly can you power indoors and for how long? Not giving too much info here. The more info/example you give/show, the more commissioned sales you would probably make. no?

  2. I reccomend a good power pack or two with any generator, even a harbor freight mini. The smallest generator will charge these packs and they're excellent for led lighting, radios, cell chargers, walkie charging etc.

  3. Unfortunately mine only gets to of 90% charge anymore I've had it a couple years in they don't last that long

  4. The questions I have is dose it have proper charging parameters or is it like their 1440 model designed to fail as you don't say or show what voltage it's at when at 100 % if like the 1440 it's full charge is 13.1 it is designed to fail also dose it have a built in solar charge controller if so is it as wimpy as 1440 at only 100 watts but both of these problems I can rectify dose it have pure sine wave since you ran your computer system on it looks like it does also do you consider a great price your review does not have any critical information can actually draw the full wattage from the inverter can you draw the full amp hours that it states from the battery maybe you should look at a few reviews from David poz hobotech and will prowse Will's is the best he opens up the unit to show build quality because a unit is only as good as it's components are built and the wire size they are wired with I found this out when I took apart my old black and decker with built in charger written right on the battery do not discharge below 12.2 float charge is 13.4 full charge is 14.8 and the charger was 12 volts so it was no wonder it failed it was dead to start with then never being changed even to the float charge let alone full charge the battery was so sulfated it would no longer take or hold a charge