11 thoughts to Survival Gear Clearance How Can We Order At 1:41

  1. Oh…. I thought it was possible to remove the screws in the sheath and to attach them on the other side…too bad…I wanted to get one…

  2. I got the BK-2, the knife is a good knife, but the sheath was soooo tight that I felt like I was going to sprain my wrist taking it out.yes there are custom sheath's, but very expensive, but I found out the small Spec-Ops Sheath fit the BK-2 very well, and it does, back to being a happy camper. I paired my BK-2 with the BK-4, and my neck knife is the BK-14, I feel, I have a great set !

  3. Agreed – a beast of a knife. If they made a Kydex sheath, people would buy it even more.

  4. One things that I do is when i have it on my belt {over my pocket} so that I can put the rest of the sheath in my pocket so that it does not wiggle so much. Great knife.

  5. If you was looking for a beefy knife then you got the right knife and it is heavy also. I have one and love it, but it is difficult to get the knife out of the sheath. The knife is designed to last a lifetime and will give you great service.

    The first thing you have to do with the knife is sharpen the blade since it isn't that sharp coming from the factory. For chopping it is nice, and can baton wood easily although due to the thickness of the blade it is harder. If you are trying to cut up larger width wood you should have a larger blade knife though. The sheath is the main problem with not being able to get the knife out easily, and the locking system of the sheath. Other than that the knife is just fine and I am glad to have it.

  6. I acquired the BK-Two over 10 years ago and absolutely adore this Knife, Amen.