Survival Gear Clothes Where Can One Purchase

merry christmas everybody and welcome
back to the pilot Patriot channel we
have a lot of really cool stuff you guys
to look at today a lot of you have a gun
lover or somebody’s really into
preparedness in your life and you’re
wondering what to get them for Christmas
we have a nice list of stocking stuffers
all budget-minded stuff that you can
look at possibly to get them for
now the main thing on this list and
probably my favorite is this really cool
tactical stocking you get here you can
find these on LA police on you
can find them on amazon or ebay and you
can get them in multicam like this one
or they also have them in black, coyote
tan, OD green
so there’s a lot of options out there
and if you have anybody in your life
that in the guns and the tactical stuff
they’re really going to love this
now I can’t touch this one because my
wife’s already put some stuff in here
and she will kill me if I find out
what’s in there so I’m just going to
leave that where it sits and also you
guys some of the stuff that I put out
around the I think we go good and
Stocking like this
alright let’s get right into this now
obviously if you have somebody that’s in
your life that loves guns, they have
to take care of those guns and clean
them so you could always give them some
gun cleaning supplies like these patches
here or really any gun oil and no
particular brand, you get from
walmart you know wherever you want to
get it you can find in all different
prices and the next thing for a gun
lover is really obvious, Ammo now you want
to make sure you get the right kind of ammo
something that they actually shoot
but you can never go wrong with ammo
that loves guns anybody into preparedness
they’re always going to want more ammo and
you can never have too much ammo now
going on along with that is magazines
you can never have too many magazines if
you have somebody that has a AR or AK or any gun
that takes a mag that’s going to be a
perfect gift for them
my choice was the PMAG but you can get
the regular usgi mags for a lot cheaper
the pmags are going to run you averaged
around 14 bucks the regular metal usgi
mag you can usually find for around
eight bucks next thing for the loved one
in your life that does a lot of shooting
you want them to be protected so
you can always get them some shooting
glasses, some ear plugs I get those at
walmart for really cheap if they have an
AR and they want to customize their AR
an armors wrench, you can never go wrong with
that, now they do run pretty expensive they’re
all the way up to 50 bucks this one i got on ebay
it’s good quality i got it for 12 bucks
so you can’t go wrong that and then
what’s more tacti-cool than morale patches
any kind of patches American flags you
know don’t tread on me anything that they’re
into they’re going to love that and of
course they can put it on there really
cool tactical stocking that you just got them
next thing this is a little bit more on
the preparedness side but on you know
this good for shooters really any guy is
going to love this or any girl that does
a lot of shooting, hand warmers, you
know people don’t just you in the
summer you know hunters , they need to
stay warm in the deer stand
give him some hand warmers , they’ll love it
you can get a pack of five of those for
like five bucks you can also go with the
paracord bracelet or even just paracord
and that’s something that you can
make yourself so that adds a little
bit of a sentimental value to it if you
want to make them a paracord bracelet
that’d be really cool and just like ammo
you can never have too many flashlights
doesn’t have to be expensive flashlights
you can go expensive but for a stocking
stuffer you know any flashlights going
to work that this one thing I got from
lowes this Cree LED this a 300 lumen
got that on ebay for two dollars can’t
go wrong with that right there and if
they got flashlights they’re going to
need batteries, can always use batteries
for flashlights gun optics never go
wrong with batteries and you know,
this is a-goin theme here but you can
never have too much of any of these
things knives
this is a kershaw clash and this is a
leatherman multi-tool but you don’t have
to get anything expensive you know
Like I said any knife is nice to have
around any multi-tool is going to be
good to have just on back up so you can
get these from walmart you can get them
from Lowes, you know Amazon where ever you can
find them
this one here is the leatherman wingman
this is one that I’ve actually got for a
bunch of my friends and they all of them
next thing goes along with shooting and
preparedness is a small first aid kit
now this one I got from Walmart i beleive it was
about seven bucks you could add some
more stuff in here if you want to but it
comes with good pretty much anything you
need and i have stuff in here…
a little fero rod firestarter
so that’s something else you can add
into the stocking and perfect for any
shooter hunter preparedness person
targets and you can go get the shoot and
c target something like that at walmart
dick’s sporting goods but you really
don’t have to spend any money for that
see these are some that i designed and
printed on my computer and they were
just as good as any other targets out
there so i hope this has helped some of
you guys if you have a husband wife or a
friend that’s really into shooting and
you’re wondering what to get them for
Christmas or what to put in their
stocking these are a lot of really good
budget ideas you can do that aren’t going to
break the bank and I guarantee they’re
going to love it so please like share
and subscribe
this is just the first things that came
into my head obviously there’s a really
long list of things that would be great
for any gun lover any prepper. If you have
something to add this if you have some
ideas of other stocking stuffers or gift
that is for the gun lover in your life
please put it down in the comments we’ll
get a discussion going so merry
christmas and we’ll see you next time

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Survival Gear Clothes Where Can One Purchase

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