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  1. Here is a good one, You may have a spare tire, But when was the last time you checked the tire pressure of the spare. I just checked mine a few weeks ago and there was only 20 Lbs in it. But I checked this cause I have never used the spare in 4 years. Spare tires lose about 10 lbs of pressure a year. Aluminum cast rims will also loose some air. No kidding. Also I just bought a Tire repare kit, you know the plug type. Cause what you going to do if more than one tire blows out. Especially in a bug out situation. Do you abandon your truck and all your gear, or stay and wait for help??. If phones are out? Good Tips!!!

  2. I hear ya! I get so much crap about my tire repair kit in my vid. I always tell people you might not be in your car when you got to go. And you can not rely on the other persons spare tire. I would rather drive then walk so I keep it in my EDC/72HR pack. Stay safe!

  3. Good lesson. You're right, sometime we tend to hyper-focus on the fun stuff– the guns & gear- and overlook the boring ole' basics. So along those lines, today I replaced my 4-year-old car battery. People may laugh, "Why replace it when it's not giving you any trouble." But I figure 4 years is good enough; it's done it's job and summer's heating up. Why not replace it now, at my leisure, rather than have to replace it later, no doubt when it's 99 degrees outside and I'm needing to be somewhere quickly.

  4. Great video, just got into the preparedness world, one of the first things I "prepped" was my truck, my wife and I live in the Canada, Northwest Territories to be exact very remote and we drive a lot. We have 72 hours worth of water in my truck at all times along with tools and gear don't keep a ton of food in the truck but do have a few mountain house packets in a locked tote in the back of the truck. Keep the awesome videos coming just subbed you!!! Thanks!!