12 thoughts to Survival Gear Club How Can I Buy At 13:42

  1. Not a big fan of radio in the wood, good for news and weather I spoze, but just as a charger its awesome , well done at finding yourself something idiot proof atb Bruce xx

  2. Well that's the mutts nuts Dave. I bought a little radio myself a little while back and I wouldn't be without it now mate. The mellifluous tones of radio 2 brighten my breaks no end.
    Try not to dance the night away. Wol.

  3. Not a bad little bundle that mate, nice one! Let us know how you get on with it please. Cheers and all the best!

  4. News and the weather always handy to have access to them and a torch to boot not bad
    Once it's been outside a few times let us know how it fared including the tuning
    Happy trails