14 thoughts to Survival Gear Colorado How Can One Shop At 18:46

  1. nice set up.. Have you ever found a first aid kit that worked for you 100% out of the box? I ask cuse I have not.. Thanks brother,, God Bless.

  2. As a basic first aid kit, I'd say it isn't awful. It could REALLY use a lot more bug repellent wipes, if it is intended as an outdoor kit, though. I do like the contents list printed on the box. I would also agree with the assessment of adding the triple anti-biotic cream.

  3. I just bought a large Trauma kit that I think has all of the right components, but it does need some of the stuff put in water proof bags.

  4. Instead of triple antibiotic add AMERIGEL. It is so much better, but it is more spendy. About $15 for 1oz. I was given that after I had surgery and the doc said use that and ONLY that. He said post op infections have been cut to almost nothing when people use this stuff. You can't find it in WalMart or any place like that because of the price I'm sure. I got it in the hospital pharmacy. Below is some info on the stuff.


  5. Nice little basic kit which can certainly be augmented with additional items.
    Items such as burn ointment useful for campfire burns, safety pins, mini eye wash solution, etc!!! Thanks for the video block of instruction I am sure it will be very helpful to aid many people to put together and build a kit for themselves.