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  1. What i hate about people who call himself prepper or gray man is that when they need guns to get big balls. And by the way. Your airsoft toy looks ugly.

  2. I don’t think you understand what these are for. They are not meant to replace a flashlight.

  3. Just get one of those metal cigar holders to put the glow stick if you worry about breaking. You can get single and double ones.

  4. And if you did Include glow sticks or Kim lights in your kits I bet someones son wold force him to get it out when he is having a party

  5. The main advantages of chemical lightsticks are [1] long-term storability with zero maintenance such as changing old batteries (if stored carefully, 11+ year-old ones have worked perfectly and for full duration, long past their printed-on-packaging expiration dates; [2] being waterproof, and [3] being totally unable to be an ignition source (they can, in complete safety, be used for working in flammable and explosive atmospheres, such as in the area around a gas main leak at night, or in a darkened location). The reusable, battery-powered "lightstick analogs" can also be made waterproof (most brands–except the "toy-ish," cheapest ones that are intended for kids–are waterproof), and are good to excellent omni-directional (particularly in azimuth–that is, around the horizon when set up vertically, on end) area-lighting devices like chemical lightsticks, for illuminating a darkened room or tent. Also:

    The human eye is most sensitive to yellow-green light, which is why a dimmer (to a television or video camera, or to the film in a film camera) lightstick can appear brighter to the eye. (This is also why fire stations' trucks and other support vehicles–as well as reflective firefighters' and police officers' clothing–are increasingly painted/colored a bright yellowish-green color, because they remain visible in much dimmer post-sunset sunlight, dim partial-phase moonlight, and artificial ambient outdoor lighting at night, than do the traditionally red-painted fire trucks and vehicles [which quickly–to our eyes–turn black even in just moderately-dim light].)

  6. They make the glow colors with one color it only lights up one color and it can stay solid on one color