13 thoughts to Survival Gear Colorado Where Can I Order At 4:38

  1. Wow, Adam you are getting close to a hoarding disorder here……Ha ! Need to streamline & simplify your extensive collection of gear. 3 axes……???? come on……….Really ????

  2. What line of work do you do? I saw a Blackberry in your older video and that usually mean one thing.

  3. this is a good list but can you do a compact version in a backpack for those of us with small cars? that would more than fill my whole trunk

  4. Thank you for having a cameraman(woman), and bringing the tems out of your car to talk about them. Too many videos where we are forced to watch a wobbly camera moving threw the car while the host rummages around and films with the other hand. I thought you had waaaay too much stuff until you pointed out you have kids etc, so yeah a pretty good kit all around.

  5. Haters who cares how much he carries in his car its what he wants leave the guy alone. Great job I enjoy all your videos.

  6. we miss you buddy hope your doing well you definately set the standard when it comes to prepping/survival youtube channels I've learned so much from you and your vids and i hope to see more from e2e in the future