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  1. Hey David, One Bad Ass Weapon! What is the price tag Cheaper Than Dirt posts unavailable with no price listed

  2. One question with a brief set-up. In self defense you may not be justified in firing both barrels each time you need to fire. For survival, firing a single shot when needed will be preferable. So, the question: Can you fire one round and then reload only the one barrel?

  3. That is bad ass but I bet it's a bitch to reload in a high stress tactical situation. I would still love to have one.

  4. Would like to see you do a review on the SRM 1216 which I think is much more suitable for a survival situation, more options on fast reload with 4 chambers and fast re-load of back up tubes.. Also, the Silencero Salvo 12 which makes a 12 gauge sound like a paintball gun. Lastly, the FNH SLP. This is an incredibly fast cycling shotgun. I think your readers will find these products, especially the SRM 1216, really interesting. Thanks! Keep up the great work.

  5. Still can't touch the AA-12 with almost zero recoil and up to a 36 round drum mag.

  6. I'm surprised Standard Manufacturing got away with this. it's a double barrel ksg. kel tec could sue. and probably win.