11 thoughts to Survival Gear Commercial How To Shop At 22:39

  1. this flashlight has all the features i have been looking for all in 1 flashlight . It has the adjustable ring like the nitecore srt7, high lumens like the thrunite tn12 and charging input/output like the nitecore mh12. This will definitely be my next flashlight. Thanks for the great review!

  2. during the show "invent it rich", a prototype of this flashlight was pitched and almost didn't made pass the judges and investors. Many testers felt it was too expensive. This flashlight was also ran over by a car as a test. I really felt this baby have potential and that the judges were stupid to turn it down. glad this baby is now in market 😀

  3. Anyone know how durable it is? If I use the strike bezel to actually strike something or someone??? Can it handle it? Or is it all flash & features?

  4. How does it feel turning the ring with just fingers of the hand that you are holding the flashlight? Is it hard to turn the ring that way?