9 thoughts to Survival Gear Commercial Where Can I Buy At 16:53

  1. cool video i right now am debating wether i want to buy it because i already have an aluminum one

  2. Hey patriot, do you like the Maratac lights better than the 4sevens preon? I have a preon on the way and I think it is a better light than the Maratacs. But I don't have a Maratac to compare it to yet.

  3. @plumberjoe80

    The Preon is superior in a several ways except price. If you're watching your dollars then the Maratac and ITP are unmatched. Additionally the Maratac is smaller than the Preon if that's important to the user. The Preon uses the XP-G emitter while the older original design Maratac still uses the XP-E.

  4. @Patriot36 I have been carrying the preon for a few days, and I have to say I am impressed! I ordered the 2 aaa body with the single aaa light. I am using rechargable nimh energizer 900 mah batteries. I like the interface on the preon very much. I would not think twice about using this light on a backpacking trip. Do you have any advice on a 2 aa light with a long throw reflector?

  5. Very neat little flashlights. Not so sure I'd like the old used penny smell of the copper one after some use though.



  6. @mrfriz42 Very good point there mrfriz! I do notice it as you stated, and I have sensitive nose. I'm not sure what to do about it yet other than to seal it with something.

  7. @Supermassively Still works great but the bare copper makes my fingers smell funny after handling.