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hey everyone David C Andersen coming at
you from the KnifeCenter and today
we’re gonna be taking a look at a lot of
knives and gear that feature copper as
one of their primary materials copper is
one of those really hot materials right
now and we’re really happy to offer a
wide selection over at the KnifeCenter
let’s check them out so one nice way to
get some copper into your EDC rotations
by adding a copper pen and we’ve even
got custom knife makers that are getting
into the game and offering up some
options the first is the Rick hinderer
investigator tactical pen essentially
the body of this pen is just big enough
to hold the refill so you’re not adding
up a ton of bulk into your pocket
there’s a few different milling patterns
available this one happens to feature
the spiral pattern on the body this end
of the pen is threaded and features a
stainless steel cap which allows it to
function as a small kubaton and when
you’re ready to write unscrew from the
other end to reveal the tip we’ve also
got a nice variety of options from
Matthew Martin who’s the son of famous
knife maker RJ Martin and this one also
features an end here that allows it to
function as a kubaton
this pen is a little bit beefier than
the Hinderer model which allows you to
get a little more grip if that’s what
you’re into
as far as refills you can use either a
parker or a fisher space pen refill with
this pen which means you can write
upside down thanks to that pressurized
cartridge next up we’ve got a click pen
from Tuff-writer and this actually
features a flamed copper finish which is
going to set it apart from all the other
standard looking copper stuff this is
also a very versatile pen in the way it
allows you to use a bunch of different
companies refills thanks to the included
spacers that come with the pen you can
use either Fisher Space Pen FORAY or
Parker refills of course one of the big
categories that is benefited from this
recent copper surge is bottle openers
and this craft brew junkies bottle Jack
might be one of our favorites what we
really like about this particular item
is the heft as you can see it’s a nice
thick piece of stonewashed copper with
some milled out patterns here on the top
and it’s just really satisfying when you
pop open your favorite beverage with
this for another item with a finish
that’s just a little bit different the
distressed copper Foxtool will also
open your bottles in addition to that
here in the ears of the Fox you actually
have a couple of hex bit holders that
allows this to be used for more than
just your favorite beverage next up is
one of our favorite keychain accessories
now available
the copper and that’s the night eyes
squeeze ring if you’ve ever fumbled
trying to get your keys on and off of
those split ring attachments this is
gonna come in really handy you’ll see
her on the top that there’s a clip that
folds over that allows you to hook it to
the edge of the fabric so it doesn’t
fall down into the bottom of your pocket
or bag but when you squeeze on that clip
it actually opens the ring for you
making it very easy to get your keys on
or off if you’re looking for something a
little more robust for your keychain
Tuff-writer doesn’t just make pens they
also make a great selection of
carabiners including this D22 version
made out of copper this is definitely a
beefy carabiner and while it’s not rated
for hiking you’re definitely going to be
able to support a lot of weight with one
of these there’s a swivel attachment
here on the end making it very easy to
carry and a nice strong gate clip here
to keep it secure another really nice
feature especially if you happen to drop
your set of keys in the dark there’s a
glow-in-the-dark insert here on the back
which is gonna help you locate them in
those situations so everyone loves a
good pocket pry bar and this version
from Jason teats is also made out of
copper it’s about three eighths of an
inch thick meaning you can really put
some force behind there and guess what
it also is a bottle opener we’ve also
got a little bit more of a specialized
one-piece multi-tool and that’s the iron
bull el desafío divot tool this will
enable you to fix those divots out on
the golf course you can still use it for
some light prying and yes it also has a
bottle opener
thanks to manufacturers like ace beam
and Olight we’re also seeing copper show
up on a lot of EDC flashlights these
this particular one belongs to our buyer
Jason and it illustrates perfectly why
people love copper so much over time
this material will patina and take on a
character of its own so you know you
have something that’s truly personal and
it’s going to reflect all the adventures
that you’ve taken it through we’ve got
these available in all kinds of
different sizes as well from these small
single-cell lights up to the larger
tactical inspired models you’re sure to
find something that fits what you’re
looking for so pens aren’t the only
accessories that some of our custom
knife makers are putting out in copper
these days you can also get a wide
variety of copper beads from us which
are the perfect way to accessorize your
high-end knives or other gear we’ve got
some really cool options from makers
like Michael ziba Darrel Ralph
and Rick hinderer as well as some really
cool bullet models from Nick Chuprin
of course this is the KnifeCenter so there’s gonna be some
blades on this list
and we’re gonna start with a knife
Center exclusive from bear and son these
butterfly knives feature a copper vein
zinc handle that looks really great in
hand it almost feels like a thicker
powder coating and there’s a lot of
texture here meaning these are gonna be
very easy to keep your grip on we’ve got
a few different blade profiles available
including this clip point as well as a
tanto and a drop point and if you want
those blades with these handles you can
only get them here next up we’ve got a
really cool keychain size knife and
that’s the peasant micro friction folder
from svord made in New Zealand these are
based on some historical peasant knife
patterns and there’s no lock or slip
joint on these knives the tension that
keeps the blade closed is provided by
the handles themselves which in this
case feature very thin sheets of copper
and they’re held open the same way with
the friction from the handles as well as
your thumb providing some backward
pressure this is a great light duty
knife it’s going to be good for opening
small boxes or opening mail cutting
strings and small things like that as I
mentioned it can be carried on your
keyring but it also comes with a really
nice leather pocket slip which allows
you to carry it in your pocket easily
without fear of it coming open finally
we’ve got one more thing from Rick
hinderer and that’s the Kershaw cinder
with copper scales this is another great
keychain size knife that’s held open
with a liner lock here so if you want a
little extra security you can look at
this one the sharpened edge on this
knife is just a little bit under one
inch but despite that size you can still
get a nice grip on this knife and thanks
to this upward sweep of the edge you can
really get that point to use when you’re
doing your small tasks but this knife is
good for more than just cutting things
you may have noticed a trend here and
yes it continues it’s also a bottle
opener so if you like what you saw here
and want to see what other great copper
EDC tools and knives that we’ve got
available make sure to click the link in
the description below to head on over to

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