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hi guys my name is Lily and today I want
to show you my $100 poor man’s survival
kit now as you know the camping industry
is getting bigger and bigger a lot of
people want to go back to nature camping
and enjoy bushcrafting and such but not
everyone can afford 300 euro sleeping
bag or a 250 euro inflatable map so
today this video is dedicated to people
who can’t afford expensive camping and
treatment and also for young people for
example school kids or students who just
simply can’t afford more expensive gear
yet so this here is my survival kit for
100 dollars roughly a few things I have
scavenged and yeah if you are young
maybe you can borrow something from your
dad maybe he was in the army and he
still has a sleeping bag I got this used
on a sleeping bag from an Army store it
cost me around 25 euros and yeah this is
a very good sleeping bag
it’s warm it goes down to zero degrees
Celsius and yeah it’s not the smallest
so the down sleeping bag over there is
much more compressible and lighter but
hey this still works so this is
something that I would buy if I didn’t
have enough of money for expensive down
sleeping bag and yeah I also have this
cheap rucksacks here the screen rucksack
and this would go right into the
backpack next a head these information
mats at home they work they will
insulate you from the cold ground the
downside is that they are pretty
and they are very bulky as you can see
so yeah you need some kind of insulation
and the cheapest thing that you can get
are these mats here and if you have a
little bit more money left and I would
really invest in a inflatable a mat or
Talmud because they are a dream to sleep
on but if you don’t have a lot of money
this will still work
it’s Sparky but it’s it’s going to work
and yeah if you buy one of these mats it
will probably cost like five to ten US
dollars next year paracord if you buy
them in a bulk you can get 100 feet for
around 15 US dollars on Amazon paracord
yeah it’s one of the best survive Accord
it says this year’s paracord 550 and it
has several inner strands the white
strands at the inside so great cordage
and that’s what you need for your
survival kit and for your camping
equipment next year we have a military
poncho I believe that you can get one
poncho like this here for 20 US dollars
this year is a thicker one so make sure
that you get a thick one because those
ones that are quite thin they tend to
leak and you easily will rip them River
hole into them so get at least one of
them they are not especially big and if
there’s a lot of rain
I would rather recommend that you take
two ponchos with you and they have these
boxes so you can attach them to each
other and then you have a bigger top
okay next on my list I have this
continue and this is a cheap country out
of stain stainless steel and I got it
for 24 yards so this is a great deal and
to me yeah he couldn’t get these a
couple of years ago so and you only
could get like the standard army
continues are of stainless steel and
sometimes in army shops you would get
the aluminum cup but I I don’t recommend
that one problem that I have experienced
with stainless steel is that sometimes
they use very cheap Steel’s so you have
to be aware of that sometimes it it
happened to me once that that I had a
stainless steel container and I filled
water into it and after a couple of
hours it tasted so much like metal and
that’s when they use cheaper steel so
you really have to be careful it’s
important that you try out the canteen
said before you go of and if and then
you’re just fill in some water and you
wait and then you drink from it and if
it tastes after metal you just send it
back and yeah one bottle of water is not
enough so I recommend taking two bottles
of water you can take an ordinary PT
it’s nothing bad about that or you can
get this more bomb-proof Nalgene bottles
here they are bpa-free and yeah
good plastic bottle very sturdy I still
wouldn’t recommend pouring hot water
into it I would always use the stainless
steel one for the hot water and also
some people I see only have like a
canteen and this plastic bottle but I
highly recommend bringing a stainless
steel container because and it’s getting
very cold the thing that you do is you
boil some water in this cup here and you
feel the hot water into the container
and then you take our mark and wrap it
around the canteen and you take it with
you into your sleeping pad
so usually I don’t boil in my canteen
sigh only point in the cup because the
cap gets dirty and I don’t want the
continue to get dirty when I take it
into my sleeping bag so usually I just
fill the water into the container after
boiling at least that’s how I do it
next you need some gloves for working to
protect your hands here just have a few
cheap gloves they I found them in the
shop of my dad and here have a roll of
fishing line which I need for my fishing
kit and in the fishing kit and here I
have hooks and have weights I have
swivels all the things that you need for
fishing and have it in an Altoids can
which I was convinced and you can make
char cloth and the emergency situation
with this can and yeah fishing line you
can never have enough of fishing line
and and additionally with the fishing
line you can set up your perimeter alarm
using these alarm devices here oh I’m
dying so these are very cheap they cost
like three euros or so per piece and
with two of them you can easily set up a
perimeter around your camp the next in
here I have this compass very cheap one
I think I got it for 2 euros and then I
have this red bandana here I got it I
don’t know a couple of years ago I don’t
know how much it was I got some buyer
you can make some torches with it or use
it for sneering and then I have this
fire-making kit I have some candles in
I have matches multiple matches I have
cotton I have candles I have some fat
wood in there and toot
covered in bees wax there’s a great file
Stata it burns like a candle so now we
are covered for shelter water fire and
the next thing that we need our cutting
tools and you can get this set here very
cheaply for twenty four US dollars this
is a pack of folding saw it will do a
fine chop and capping you know down
small trees for shelter and for firewood
and I’ve dropped this backhoe knife here
which was my secondary knife for a long
time and actually you know it’s not full
tank so if you have more money in future
I would definitely invest in a full tang
knife but this year is great so for now
carving tasks and cutting tasks the
backhoe laplander is a great knife okay
next I want to come to lighting a
headlamp it’s a mask for every survival
kit with the headlamp you have both
hands-free and you really need to see in
the night so I would never go out
without a headlamp and here I have a
very cheap self-made camping that and
I’ve scavenged this from an old
flashlight and it runs with an 18 650
battery which is rechargeable and then
with that you have even more light so
yeah I almost forgot every time I left
my first-aid kit at home and that was
the time when something happened so take
it with you it’s important you can cut
yourself if the knife with the saw or
maybe you burn yourself with the fire so
many things can happen in the outdoors
so a good first aid kit is a must and I
have this first-aid kit in this
waterproof container
in this waterproof bag I mean and yeah
it’s important that you keep your stuff
dry yeah so this is what I can recommend
if you are a beginner in bushcraft and
if you want to go camping but you don’t
have the money for expensive gear and
yeah nothing bad about this gear here
it’s maybe a little bit bigger and
heavier and not as efficient but you can
still get around no problem basically
yeah there’s nothing more that you
really need except food and if I had a
little bit more money at first would
invest in a better insulation mat
because these here are quite bulky and
the new insulation myths they are so so
small in the pack size it’s unbelievable
so first I would get a better insulation
mat then I would probably get a better
knife a full tang knife maybe you get a
Christmas present off your girlfriend’s
then ask her for a better top or a
better sleeping bag which is a little
bit more compressed and lighter and
there’s so many good products out there
that you can get but first you can start
out with a kid like this I want to thank
you for watching subscribe to my channel
and stay tuned to the next time

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Survival Gear Dayton Oh Buy Direct Here

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  1. This is a cheaper survival kit people can get who do not have or do not spend so much money for camping equipment. The canteen I showed in this video has a super value for money and I can highly recommend it:

  2. Most of these items can be "scrounged" at little or no cost. Anyone who has to purchase every one of these items isn't "scrounging" enough.

  3. This was my first camp kit —> £10 mora knife, £20 polish lavvu, £4 ex army mess tin kit, cheap £10 sleeping bag, £5 made up my own firstadd kitt,£5 some para cord and £5 for a fire steel.

  4. Where are you from? Why i said ? because , I am listening American guys they are so complicated speaking but your English is so clear…

  5. I found a great army navy surplus store about 40 miles from my house I spent around $125 US dollars and made 2 good survival kits I have all 10Cs of survivability plus a few luxury items if you shop around you can find good military surplus items really reasonable prices. AK 47 bayonets made wonderful survival knives and real in expensive

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