11 thoughts to Survival Gear Dayton Oh Where Can I Order At 4:45

  1. My pick would be the TN12 (2014). Size looks great for EDC, but bright enough for nearly any situation. I like the stainless steel clip and the design of the tailpiece. Plus, it runs on either CR123 or 18650 rechargeable batteries…. best of both worlds!

  2. I would choose the ThruNite TN30 (XM-L2) flashlight because it is a big flashlight that is super bright. I like that you can have it as low as a few lumens all the way to 3338! this flashlight would definitely be great for camping or if there was a power outage!

  3. I would love a T30S V2. It's powerful enough for home use and defence, and quite compact too!

  4. Of course the Ti3 because of the edc capabilities and its smal size making it convenient to carry around. And of course, this is a Ti3 giveaway right?

  5. Odd you should ask, my next buy will be the TN12. Why? 1050 lumen in my hand is awesome. Just subscribed so "I'm in" and hope I get it, my Fenix L0D seems pitiful now that the Ti3 is here.

  6. I would choose the TN12, because it has a perfect size for holding it while walking / doing other stuff and it comes with a holster, which is perfect and super easy when you want to put it away. And of course, it's super bright!

  7. Thrunite th10 (cw)…because I don't have a headlamp yet and i like quality gear so it lasts longer. plain and simple

  8. I also like being a year late for these giveaways…fml….that's what I get for watching YouTube videos after studying all day. enjoy the laugh! lol