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  1. I have always like multi tools and I have had some cheap ones in the past which held up real good. I thought about getting a schrade multi tool, the 21 function one, but then I saw a lot of bad reviews on Amazon, but I still may get one, because some folks just do not have a clue, but anyways, since yesterday was my B-Day, I got my self a early B-Day present, which I have not down in yrs lol I got the Leather man Surge for a good deal. $99 which is the cheapest your gonna find one and I really do like it and its features and it is not that heavy like some folks have stated. Anyway, great Video, Thanks

  2. I have a Tough Tool and used it almost daily. The pilers are decent, wire cutters suck and get damaged easy. Scissors are horrible and wouldn't even cut paper. The clamshell package opener is almost completely useless. The blade wasn't bad, the saw was good. The Phillips screwdriver is absolutely horrible. The other tools are well about average. For the cost save your money add to it and get a good multi tool.

  3. Brian,,,take a look at the Schrade Tough Navitool. It has a compartment to hold a ferro rod and the back of the saw blade is awesome at throwing massive amounts of sparks. I also used the back of the saw blade to provide fatwood shavings and then light them off quickly.

  4. Great vid got my first multitool involving a knife today pretty happy good first knife really idk the model or make its my dads old one so yeah as I said good knife good condition

  5. the locking mechanism on mine is bent back a little and makes the knife useless. I just bought it used for five bucks. I'm pissed because I thought I got a good deal.

  6. I had a Schrade tough multi tool, but it broke when tightening a nut and I had to finish that job with my Leatherman wave. That day I learned to only use Leatherman or SOG,-.

  7. I came here searching for information about 2Cr13Mov steel. Had an opportunity to buy a full tang handmade knife made from it, but never owed anything made from that steel and I don't know much about it. I've only owned different types high carbon, 52100 and modern damascus and have pretty much stuck to those for a long as I can remember. Nice review and looks like one of the few multi-tools that actually has a decent pocket knife in it that won't close on your hands which is always a win. I know a decent set of plies alone will set you back about 30 to 40 bucks so 20 something for this multi-tool sounds like a fair deal to me.